AADHAR linked e-signed licenses for medicine



In line with the Maharashtra government’s e-governance policy and government of India’s Digital India Programme, Maharashtra Food and Drug Administration (FDA) will now start issuing all the sale licenses for medicines through an online application software with e-signature which has organic authentication on AADHAR from UIDAI server. Such licenses will also have unique TPAV number which can be verified at URL: xlnindia.gov.in. This will make the whole process of getting licenses for sale of medicines in a paperless manner, right from submitting an application to grant of license in a time bound, transparent and user friendly manner. ‘FDA Maharashtra is the first office in India to provide the online services with certificates being e-signed along with AADHAR authentication. The applicant can now make application online, upload documents digitally, pay fees through payment gateway of Maharashtra state government and gras.mahakosh.gov.in. This application software is linked to virtual treasury office of government of Maharashtra since June 2015 and the fees paid are verified online. The applications will be processed online and the applicant can see the status of the application online. After grant of license, applicant can receive the information by SMS as well as a copy of the same can be downloaded by the applicant itself. Thus applicants need not visit the office of FDA at all. The whole process is now paperless. The software and the technology applied is seamless and transparent to reduce the discretionary powers which used to rest with the licensing authority. As per the online process, locks are applied at various stages such as licensing authority has to first clear the allotment of new application, request for user id and password before processing other applications. The applications which are to be disposed within specified period are automatically highlighted in red zone. The drug inspector after inspection of site has to submit his report online. Based on his recommendation, assistant commissioner/licensing authority issues the license online.”The efforts of Maharashtra FDA are in line with the directions of chief minister Devendra Phadanvis about speedy services in a transparent manner to the stakeholders. The initiative has been successful due to the guidance and support of state FDA minister Girish Bapat and additional chief secretary, medical education and drugs department MedhaGadgil,” added DrKamble. Dr Kamble further appreciated the efforts of Harish Advani, senior technical director, National Informatics Centre (NIC), OS Sadhwani, joint commissioner (HQ), GH Vakhariya, VK Biyani and NM Gandhi, HarshaAhale, assistant commissioners, Food and Drug Administration, Maharashtra state for successful implementation of this project. Similar efforts are in progress for food business operators for the registration and licensing, which is online at present, but will be paperless with e-signatures in the near future.


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