Ayush Ministry orders Patanjali to stop advertising ‘Coronil’ without verification

On the basis of media report, The Union Ministry of AYUSH has come forward on Ayurvedic medicines developed by Patanjali Ayurved Ltd. for treatment of Covid-19.

A clarification has been released by The Ministry that facts claiming treatment of Covid-19 and details of the stated scientific study are not known to it and ministry has therefore asked the company to stop advertising such claims.

The Ministry has also asked the company ‘Patanjali’ not to advertise from making such claims without verification from concerned authorities.

The Ministry has also said in the starement that Ayurvedic medicines, are regulated under the provisions of Drugs and Magic Remedies (Objectionable Advertisements) Act, 1954 and Rules thereunder.

Furthermore, Ministry has also requested concerned State Licensing Authority of Uttrakhand Government to provide copies of license and product approval details of the Ayurvedic medicines being claimed for the treatment of COVID -19.

The Government has asked Patanjali Ayurved to disclose the name and composition of the medicines being claimed for COVID treatment;
site(s)/hospital(s), the place where research study was conducted for COVID-19;
protocol, sample size, Institutional Ethics Committee clearance, CTRI registration and results data of the study(ies).
Earlier, Ministry had issued a Gazette Notification on April 21, 2020, stipulating all the requirements and the manner in which the research studies on COVID-19 have to be undertaken, with Ayush interventions/medicines.

The AYUSH Ministry had permitted clinical trials of four ayurvedic medicines for the treatment of the disease.


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