Bariatric (Buy) One, get 1, 2, 3, Four Cure free

As morbid obesity starts ebbing after surgery, many diseases disappear at one go


New Delhi/ Gurgaon: One is a problem of plenty and other is a solution aplenty. The windfall benefits of bariatric surgery make it a cut above the rest.
When you are heavy weight, you have plateful of diseases and, as you undergo bariatric surgery, you have plateful of cures, from Diabetes, Knee Pain, Fatty Liver, Infertility, Depression, Migraine, Heart ailment, Obstructive Sleep Apnea, to name but a few, into the bargain. On the line of popular sale offer the bariatric boon can well be phrased as Bariatric (buy) one, get 1, 2, 3, four cures free.

Bariatric surgery is one surgery that has rightly earned the status of a panacea. As we scan the weight loss surgeries done by who’s who of bariatric surgeons in Delhi-NCR, the procedure turns out to be a veritable cure all.
Almost all patients going through bariatric surgery would invariably bear witness to the fact that they were pleasantly surprised to find besides obesity their other illnesses also vanished. Bariatric surgery may originally be weight loss procedure; but just as stockpile of body fat melts away, a patient is gleefully amazed to find that many of his other disorders are also gone. It is established beyond doubt now that Bariatric surgery though primarily is a weight lose procedure, off label benefits are immense. In the medicine, this surgery is a singular instance of one size fits all.

Talking to Medicare News, Dr Vikas Singhal, Consultant Bariatric surgery at Medanta, Gurgaon, said, ‘it has now clearly become known that obesity is the villain of the piece causing a number of illnesses. As the patients start losing pounds, all disorders induced by obesity also vanish. It is not a cosmetic surgery but a preventive medical procedure or a metabolic surgery to make sure that one can combat health issues arising out of excess weight.’

Talking to Medicare News, Dr Atul Peters, Senior Consultant and Head, Apollo Institute of Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery, said, ‘Obesity is the reason of many illnesses from head to toe and Bariatric surgery is certainly all cure kind of procedure. Bariatric surgery has been proving boon for the patient of obesity with badly impacted all vital internal organs. Patients are amazed to find that they not only lose weight, they get free from other disorders too.

Dr Sudhir Kalhan, Chairman, Institute of Minimal Access Metabolic and Bariatric surgery, Sir Ganga Ram, said, ‘ It has emerged as a life saving surgery and has become common in India due to rising obesity which cause many ailments.’ Dr Vivek Bindal, consultant and Vice Chairman, Institute of Minimal Access Metabolic and Bariatric surgery, Sir Ganga Ram, added, ‘ Bariatric surgery is no more a fat loss surgery only, it is also a treatment for many other life style diseases. The procedure alleviates many ailments caused by obesity.’

Here are how bariatric surgery goes beyond weight loss and prove amazing solution for many other medical conditions

Infertility– Ladies who were desperate to have bundles of joy but were left disappointed even after many IVF (test tube baby technique) cycles, conceived within a few months of bariatric surgery. The cause of their infertility was obesity but they were trying other treatments. Bariatric surgery has established as a treatment of infertility in many women.
Diabetes– It is stressing the obvious to say that bariatric surgery is a sure fire remedy for diabetes. Two ministers of PM Narendra Modi govt- Nitin Gadkari and Arun Jately and Vice President Venkaiya Naidu- are trophies of the bariatric surgery. This surgery literally pulled them back from catastrophic health situations. It is increasingly becoming the first line treatment of diabetes.

Fatty Liver– Fatty liver can lead to fatal liver cirrhosis. Post bariatric surgery, fatty liver condition goes too. Bariatric specialists say that even at the loss one kilogram weight, there is a remarkable improvement in fatty liver.
Migraine– This headache has baffled the whole of medical community since time immemorial now. It is still much of a mystery and no cure has been found so far, but, according to bariatric doctors, it has been found that almost every time after this surgery, migraine disappears.

Snoring and Sleep Apnea– After bariatric surgery, sleep quality improves greatly. Snoring also stops within days of surgery. Fat under neck causes sleep Apnea and other breathing blues. This surgery also corrects sleep apnea.
Knee Pain– In many cases of excruciating and persistent pain in old people, certain knee replacements have been averted after bariatric surgery. Obesity in many cases is culprit behind knee pain. After bariatric surgery, knee pain vanished in innumerable cases.
Heart Disease– Heart functions have been found to be substantially improved in many cases after this surgery. Obesity badly hampers heart function.


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