Ditch Drug Dependence or Substance Abuse sans any Drug

Success stories of ‘freedom’ are piling up in Dr. R. K. Tuli’s Clinic ‘SOHAM’

New Delhi: Mr Arun Tulsian, 50, was in the vice like grip of Gutka and heading towards a certain mouth cancer. He was desperate to ditch the deadly habit but all efforts went in vain till he reached Dr R.K.Tuli’s clinic for Holistic Medicare SOHAM, which turned him a new leaf in just four month. He never imagined he will get independence so easily.

Mr Tulsian is not alone in being able to ditch the traumatic habit so easily. Success stories are very many at SOHAM, indicating that freedom from any drug or substance abuse is not so difficult.

Mr Tulsian says, ‘ I was chewing 40-50 packets of ‘gutka’ daily since the age of 20 and developed pre-cancerous Oral Fibrosis, with the result that I couldn’t open my mouth more than one finger wide. I was suffering from poor health, chronic fatigue, hypertension, diabetes, obesity, severe back pain and inability to walk even a few yards. But, the treatment at Dr. R. K. Tuli’s Clinic for Holistic Medicare “SOHAM” for the last four months has given me a new life. I’ve been able to get rid of ‘gutka’ completely, my mouth can now open freely and my taste buds have recovered to enjoy the food again. Besides, I’m full of energy, vitality, pain-free, and follow a healthy life-style comprising Brisk Walking and regular Yoga as initiated by Dr. Tuli.”

The de addiction protocol in SOHAM is unique, reproducible, efficient and sustainable drug free method. Talking to Medicare News, Dr R K Tuli, a renowned holistic medicine consultant says, ‘Unfortunately, no specific medication or particular system of medicine offers reliable and lasting solution to tobacco or any other substance abuse. But, the ‘science’ of practice of medicine combined with its ‘art’ termed Holistic Medicine, enables a very efficient protocol based on optimum synergy of drug-free natural and harmless modalities of various recognised systems of medicine that gives instant success in over 90% patients with sustainable benefits inall willing individuals.’

Dr Tuli further explained saying, ‘To ensure a win in this war I, as a Holistic Physician, have designed a ‘perfect’ all inclusive and integrative harmless drug-free therapy comprising Laser-Acupuncture, Reflexotherapy,Hypnosis,along with Life-Style,Nutrition and relaxation techniques of Yoga that helps to instantly alleviate stress, anxiety and withdrawal effects. It helps to ‘erase’ all past experiences associated with drug intake and regulate healthy balance of neuro transmittersin the brain to restore confidence, self-esteem, as well as develop instant aversion to the very substance.’

Dr Tuli adds, ‘To get rid of any substance abuse may be a tough challenge. It needs waging a total war on this front! But, the rewards shall be great!! Success in achieving independence from harmful drug at any stage can reverse its damages over a period of time, and by adopting a healthy life-style the individual can regain positive health and total wellness for decades to come.’

Tobacco and Alcohol are the commonest cause of substance abuse or dependence amongst a large number of illegal or legal chemicals all over the world. Tobacco use in any form on regular basis causes lung diseases, heart disease, stroke, and a variety of cancers killing more than 7 million people annually. It also causes impotence. Similarly,dependence on consumption of Alcohol killed nearly 3 million people in the year 2016. Its excessive and frequent consumptionaffects mental health, increases immediate risk of injury, road accidents and violence, as well as causing long-term effects like liver damage, cancer and heart disease to the individual. Similarly, dependence on any substance leads to deleterious effects on physical, emotional and social being of the person, leading to progressive morbidity and expensive mortality. It, also, has negative impact on the family and the people around.

Dr Tuly says, ‘Quitting tobacco, alcohol or dependence on any other substanceis one of the best actions one can take for one’s own health.Within 12 weeks, the lung function increases, within a year risk of heart disease is reduced to a half that of a regular smoker’.


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