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When we heard word vaccine, a image of syringe has been created in our mind.People of all age groups have a fear of syringe.If you belong to medical profession know very well how much difficult for paediatrician to control situation in paediatrics ward at time of vaccination.To overcome this situation a new concept of edible vaccine been developed by Charles Arntzen of texas university. His idea was inspired by a mother who tries to console her child by offering a piece of banana after vaccination.

What is edible vaccine : As name indicates that vaccine that is edible,scientifically composed of antigen proteins which inject into plant by bombardment method or plasmid vector system.Upon human consumption of antigenic plant’s fruit, antigen stimulate immune system of body as other vaccines .Unlike edible vaccine conventional vaccine contains only partially killed or killed pathogens.

Advantages of edible vaccine : cost effective, no required for refrigration, Less space is required, know that 40 acre land is sufficient to fulfill demand of hepatitis patient of world for one year.

But problem lies behind this concept that all plants fruit are not edible ,if edible can’t consume it as raw. Most of research of edible vaccine been conducted on Tobacco& potato.

Potato not taken as raw,if cook chance for destroying effect of antigens. However tobacco can’t be given to children .If scientist work on edible crops like banana would spoil fast . Now research of edible vaccine on fruits like Apple and strawberries have continued. In future if biotechnologist will able to produce edible vaccines on large scale , can avert use of needles of which every being terrified off !!!!!!(advt.)


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