Government OST centre medicines being sold in the market

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It’s not good to blame every government officer but there are some cases where government officers are not taking care of their responsibilities. The main concern to highlight their failure to handle responsibilities is to aware the government to take strict action so that they have fear and they will perform activities and never try to fool people. At the end of their work results, who are the sufferers of their mistakes, obviously common people.

If officers clearly denied that they don’t have known what is going in their work area, then who is going to be responsible. To provide cost- effective treatment to common people, the government bought costly drugs and distribute them free at OST (opioid substitution therapy)centres, but some people for their personal benefits selling these medicines to chemists. Most people forced to buy drugs from the market as they told them there is a shortage of drugs in the hospital.

This is not the new case as OST medicines were being sold in the market for the last some months. This type of activity to sold OST medicines in the market come under the Narcotics Act and strict action can be taken against the guilty.

OST centre because of these illegal activities are in the news and previously  Project Director, Umesh Kumar Singh in Madhya Pradesh State AIDS Control Society terminated services of two employees from OST centre in Sehore on the basis of these complaints. He is now serving the nation as a Joint Controller Foods & Drugs Administration.

To stop these kinds of activities, Dr Prashant Kumar contacted Principal Secretary, health through a letter of two pages to let him aware and to start an investigation about the issue of selling Government drugs of OST centre to the market. He clearly stated that this is not a new case and it might be in knowledge of other officers including district health authorities Chief Medical & Health Officer (CMHO). But no-one took an action has yet.

Three member team reached to Sehore to check that issue and found irregularities in drugs store but later the issue seemed to be hushed up. Dr R K Gupta, Chief Medical & Health Officer assured that strict action has been taken against guilty and he also said that he did not know about this.


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