Hospitals tragedies one after another, when will government takes strict action to stop these incidents

Medicare News

Only a month passed for a shocking tragedy happened at Gorakhpur and now the same tragedy happened again in the Farrukhabad, UP. When will this go to stop? What is the mistake of the common people who lost their kids and why the government is letting these tragedies happen one after another?

According to the reports, the main reason for the death of 49 children is the shortage of oxygen and medicines. Why hospital management not acting responsibly to tackle these kinds of issues? New-born babies who just came to this world struggled for their survival and at last met with death, who will be responsible for their deaths and the pains their family going through. Just because of irresponsible behavior of the hospitals and government, mothers lost their children. And the most shocking news is that in the sick newly-born care unit (SNCU), 30 children died and others  19 died at the time of delivery or soon after delivery at the hospital.

Dr. Kailash Kumar, SNCU in-charge said that there were many reasons for newborns deaths range from born prematurely to being underweight. Uma Kant Pandey, Chief Medical Officer, Akhilesh Agarwal, Medical Superintendent and another doctor Kailash Kumar removed from their positions in the hospital.

The state government appoints another top health official to investigate the whole matter with the fresh investigation as officials denied that this is not the reason for this tragedy.


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