In continuation to the report carried by the “Medicare News” about flagrant  violation of DPCO 2013, the present report carries the violation by the same companies once again. It appears that the “M/s Zydus Cadila” has decided not to change the way but to challenge the government as well as the public opinion.  This time “M/s Zydus Cadila” was found to be selling the drug “VOGLIBOSE (0.2mg)” for which the NPPA has prescribed the MRP at Rs. 6.68 per tablet vide Notification No. S.O. No. 1736 (E) dated 10.07.2014. The aforesaid drug is being sold by the “M/s Zydus Cadila” at Rs. 8.35 per tablet. Thus on the strip of ten tablets the overcharging amount comes to at Rs. 16.70. It appears to be intentional violation and it is not that the “M/s Zydus Cadila” is not aware of such violation.

“M/s Dr. Reddy’s” is also found to be violating the DPCO 2013 for third consequent time by “Medicare News”. This time they were found selling “GLIMEPIRIDE (1mg)” under the trademark “GLIMY (1mg)” where the MRP is fixed at Rs. 4.01 per tablet under notification No. S.O. 1731 (E) dated 10.07.2014. The company is found selling at Rs. 6.30 per tablet. Thus on the strip of 15 tablets the overcharging amount comes to at Rs. 34.35. In another round of development M/s Sun Pharmaceuticals Industries Ltd, is found to be selling the drug “GLIMEPIRIDE (2mg)” under trademark “GLYPRIDE (2gm)” at Rs. 10.20 per tablet where as the maximum retail price is fixed under S.O. No. 1731 (E) dated 10.07.2014 at Rs. 6.54 per tablet. Thus on the strip of ten tablets the overcharging amount comes to at Rs. 36.60.

It is surprising that inspite of report of overcharging being circulated in “Media and other “Social Networking Sites” the above companies are not changing their ways for which the probable reason is that these companies must be waiting for action from NPPA. This is also understood that the NPPA has also gone through report carried by the “Medicare News” but the results of such knowledge of NPPA is yet to be seen. Perhaps NPPA is waiting to receive the complaint in writing.

It is to be seen that the above prices of drugs are fixed by the NPPA under Paragraph 19 in view of the emergent situations. The above drugs are being taken by number of patients and that the government is totally justified in fixing the prices of the drugs. It is also understood that the hearing which was fixed before Hon’ble Delhi High Court on 21st January, 2016, is now adjourned to 27th April, 2016 and court did not grant any stay on the operation of notifications. In view of above facts and position of law the notification issued under Para 19 of DPCO 2013, as stated above continue to hold operates and till then no company shall sale the drug at the higher price, than fixed by NPPA.

It is ridiculous that the NPPA till date has not taken any action against the companies and all efforts by the “Medicare News” to reach the NPPA are in vein. The fundamental question is when NPPA will take action. Can it be expected that loot with public will ever stop in coming days? The Hon’ble High Court of Mumbai & Delhi both have show restrain to interfere with the notification issued under Para 19. Under such circumstances it is strange to see inaction by NPPA.

It is noteworthy that Dr. Reddy’s now has rectified the price of “Clopidogril 300mg” tablet, (Piagril 300mg) to the ceiling price and hence has been removed from the list. It is found that NPPA has declared the MRP for “Carvedilol 3.12mg” whereas the company like Zydus and Sun are selling the dosage of “Carvedilol 3.125mg”. It appears to be slip by mistake at NPPA required to be rectified and price must be specified for Carvedilol 3.125mg instead of 3.12 mg. so that ambiguity can be removed. In next issue, the “Medicare News” will come up with some more violation by very these companies along with few other major players.

In our previous issue we have covered the overcharging by various companies and list of such overcharging is increasing day by day. The following table will make it clear that how the price of a drug is recovered from the poor people by the companies even after the fixation of a price under Para 19 which can be used rarely by the NPPA.

Companies Name Formulation Ceiling Price (NPPA) Noti. No Company Price Overcharging percentage
M/s Zydus Cadila Healthcare Voglibose (0.2mg) Rs. 6.68 per tablet 1736 (E) 10.07.2014 Rs. 8.35 per tablet 25%
M/s Reddys’s “Glimepiride 1mg” Rs. 4.01 per tablet 1731 (E) Rs. 6.30 57.10%
“Glimy 1mg” 10.07.2014
M/Sun Pharmaceuticals Industries Ltd.“Glypride 2mg” “Glimepiride 2mg” Rs. 6.54 per tablet 1731(E) 10.07.2014 Rs. 10.20 per tablet 55.96%
M/s Zydus Cadila Healthcare“Carvil 3.125 mg” “Carvedilol 3.12mg” Rs. 2.69 per tablet 1745 (E) 10.07.2014 Rs. 3.55 per tablet 31.97%
M/s Sun Pharmaceuticals Industries Ltd“Cardivas 3.125 mg” “Carvedilol 3.12 mg” 




Rs. 2.69 per tablet 


Rs. 5/- per tablet

1745 (E) 10.07.2014 Rs. 3.90 per tablet 


Rs. 6.43 per tablet





M/s Dr. Reddy’s“Reclide 80mg” 1730(E)10.07.2014
M/s Dr. Reddy’s Ciprofloxacin 250mg Rs.2.33 per tab 1882 (E) Rs. 3.29 per tab 41.20%
“Ciprolet  250mg” 13.07.2015
M/s Sun Pharma Industries Ltd. Rosuvastatin Calcium I.P. 10mg Rs.11.58 per tab 1773(E)10.07.2014 Rs.14.73 per tab 27.20%
“Rosuvas 10mg”
M/s Zydus Cadila Healthcare Atorvastatin 20mg Rs. 13.95 per tab 1742(E)10-07-14 Rs.23.96 per tabs 71.75%
“Atorvas 20mg”


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