Ozonated Avocado Oil: Your skins favorite moisturizer

If you visit your local cosmetic store, you will find a long line of products making big promises to help your skin. This is especially true of the facial moisturizers that promise the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles. These products are usually endorsed by celebrities and cost a significant amount of money, but do we even know whats in them? If you take a close look at these labels and you will see ingredients like propylene glycol, cyclomethicone, petrolatum and methylparaben. If you don’t know what those mean, you probably shouldn’t. We are so conscious of what we consume, yet we don’t think the same way when it comes to what we put on our skin. These cosmetic additives claim to help your skin, but they are actually known as skin irritants!

So what if there was an organic oil with no preservatives or additives that cost a portion of price and worked more effectively?

If you haven’t heard of ozonated avocado oil yet, it is changing how we think of organic oils, but also skin care in general. So what are ozonated oils? Starting with 100% organic, cold pressed avocado oil, ozone (o3) is injected into the oil through a bubbling process. This “ozonation” process purifies the oils, removing any toxins while preserving the natural active ingredients that have made avocados so popular in our society, especially on the skin. The ozonation process makes the oil more powerful and the active ingredients last much longer than typical extra virgin oils.

What does that mean?

In short, it means a lot for your skin! Cold pressed ozonated avocado oil is one of the richest sources of monounsaturated fatty acids such as Oleic acid. While we typically think about these fats in our diet, but they can have huge impacts on your skin as well.

Not only is avocado oil great for hydrating and softening your skin, but it is also fantastic for acne, eczema, blackheads and other forms of skin inflammation. While the product is not yet FDA approved, many doctors have been known to recommend ozonated avocado oil for these situations, as opposed to behind the counter prescriptions. It’s important to state that everyone has different skin so it’s important to consult a skin professional before trying any new product. However, because ozonated avocado oil is 100% organic, there are no adverse effects.

Anyone that has tried organic oil products in the past, always wonder if the avocado oil will leave skin feeling greasy. Avocado oil absorbs very quickly because of its natural properties leaving skin feeling well hydrated, but not excessively greasy.

You can apply ozonated avocado oil in the same way you would a normal moisturizer with a pad or clean fingers. Make sure your face is washed and still slightly damp to spread easily. While it won’t absorb quite as quickly as normal moisturizers, it will absorb within 10-15 minutes.

Below are some of our other favorite uses of Ozonated Avocado Oil:(advt.)

Boosts Collagen

Great Moisturizer

Heals Wounds

Removes Dark Circles

Soothes Sun Damaged Skin

Improves Psoriasis

Prevents Premature Aging

Fights Hair Loss

Good for Nails

Good for Eczema


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