Parking Loot by Hospitals who got Subsidized Land


Pawan Kumar Bansal, Gurugram

With a view to providing affordable health facilities to patents Haryana Government  allots land at subsidized rates .But these private hospitals across the State including  some in Gurugram are looting the  patients  and visitors who visit these hospitals in gross violation of rules in name of parking charges.Now social activists have petitioned to Haryana Chief Minister, Manohar Lal Khattar to check this malpractice .These hospitals are built on concessional land alloyed by Haryana Urban Development Authority.

In a letter written to Haryana Chief Minister, Manohar Lal Khattar, Gurugram bases Right to Information activist and whistle blower Harinder Dhingra  has pointed out that  these hospitals have constructed buildings  with basement parking and open parking .Letter has further brought to the notice of the Chief Minister that when Haryana Urban Development Authority, passes building plans for malls, hospitals and other commercial establishments, the basement is not considered as a commercial area, as it is not included in the Floor Area Ratio (FAR), but later it is used as so.This practice is prevailing upon for last few years in gross violation of rules and regulations.It has been pointed  out that according to Municipal Corporation of Gurugram   guidelines  the parking  space for four wheedlers at the nursing homes and hospitals should exceed the number of beds which is not  the case in any of these three Hospitals.

The question is should private establishments such as hospitals charge for parking from visitors? As per RTI reply, the parking area is not a part of Floor Space Index (FSI) and is not considered while assessing property tax. The parking space in any private commercial building as shown in the final building plan is not part of FSI. This means the space is not included while assessing property tax. So how can these private establishments impose parking rates? In fact, parking is a service for which commercial establishments should not charge any money. If private establishments are charging, then it becomes a commercial activity for which they don’t have any permission.Letter stated that   Patients & visitors coming/visiting these Hospitals are already in problem physically as well as financially and to burden them with unnecessary, uncalled for and illegal taxation in the name of parking fee is fleecing common man by these Hospitals.Dhingra has humbly prayed that charging of parking fee by these three private Hospitals be abolished in the light of above submissions.


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