Record-breaking success of Operation Pangea X

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Operation Pangea X is a biggest global operation conducted by FDA, to crack down on illicit online pharmacies. It took action against 500 pharma websites that were involved in the online sale of counterfeit and otherwise falsified and unlicensed pharmaceutical products. The 10th anniversary of Operation Pangea has been celebrated this month and a record number of countries participating in the INTERPOL-led global week of action.

Online pharmacy, a big threat for consumers, they should be cautious and aware if buying medicines and other health supplements from the websites.Consumers who buy unlicensed drugs online not only harm their health and lives in danger, but also increase the risk of becoming victims of credit card fraud, identity theft, and malware viruses. Millions of medicines seized worldwide because of  Operation Pangea X.  Operation Pangea is coordinated by Interpol, the international police agency headquartered in Lyon, France.

Panega operations started in 2008 with just eight countries and it has grown exponentially during the past 10 years. Now in 2017,123 countries taking part in it with police, customs, and drug regulatory authorities and successfully seized 25 million of illegal medicines.

Operation Pangea works to save consumers from the dangers of purchasing drugs online and suspended more than 3,000 online ads for illegal pharmaceuticals and 3,584 websites were taken offline. Because of Pangea investigations, 400 arrests have been made worldwide and the seizure of more than USD 51 million worth of potentially dangerous drugs.

Selling of fake, expired and illegal pharmaceuticals is a growing concern across World, as it leads to creating a dangerous situation for the health of unsuspecting consumers who believe that online purchase of drugs is safe.


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