The key advantages of the NDIS


The National Disability Insurance Scheme, more commonly referred to as the NDIS, is a government initiative designed to meet the demand for disability healthcare services around Australia. With nearly half a million Australians suffering from some kind of disability, the insurance scheme is a welcome piece of legislation that will expand the access they have to key supports and services.

The key benefits of the NDIS are clear to see. Let’s take a look at some of the most prominent advantages of the insurance scheme.

Increased funding for services

The spending by the government on specialist services has doubled as a result of the NDIS. It is estimated the nearly 16 billion AUD will be spent to support these services each year.

Existing care arrangements don’t need to change

The NDIS does not require those who are happy with their current circumstances to change providers. They can continue with what works for them or change based on the insurance scheme if they feel it will help them in the future.

An individualised plan with funding to meet needs and goals

The individual needs and goals of the disabled person are taken into consideration when a plan is made for them. Professional NDIS service providers can help create a plan with funding for a vast array of supports that will help people become more independent and involved within their communities.

Before the introduction of the NDIS, many people could not access supports that were not funded in their local areas. This is one of the major reasons why the insurance scheme is so important for disabled Australians.

Access to mainstream services

If more appropriate services are available, disability services don’t need to be accessed. For example, a wheelchair bound person may have previously payed someone to do their shopping for them.

If they switch to online shopping, they can save money that would normally be given to a support worker and funnel it to other services that are more useful. This can give disabled people more flexibility and independence.

Select personalised support staff

It crucial that people have access to support staff that truly understands them and they will have a good rapport with. The NIDS allows people to select the support team that works best for them.

For example, if someone is more comfortable having the same person working with assistive renovations to their home, the NDIS allows them to find that person. This increased flexibility helps to pair better teams together that work to provide the highest level of care and comfort to eligible people.

NDIS funding moves with you

The funding within the NDIS moves with the person accessing it. This makes it much easier for a disabled person to move between different cities and states.

This allows people to prepare their services for when they move to a new residence so that there is little to no delay in resuming the same supports. This helps add to the ease of living for the disabled person as they don’t need to wait to get essential services after they move.

Higher quality services

The NDIS occupational therapy registered service providers must adhere to strict codes that work to ensure the quality of their supports. Giving control of funding to the consumer gives them more power and turns the industry into a buyer’s market.

Providers now have to compete to offer the best possible services to prospective clients, making the market more responsive to the needs of the consumer base. This gives people with disabilities far more choice and authority within the healthcare industry than they had previously.


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