Three men arrested with Mephedrone in Dahanu in Maharashtra

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Educated youngsters are also involved in running drug rackets in Maharashtra. Recently police officials arrested three men, and one of them is a science graduate with 900 grams of mephedrone worth Rs 18 lakh. The most important point is they had manufactured it at their factory in Dahanu, Maharashtra. It is located 135 km from Mumbai.

In the factory, police found the drug, chemicals, and equipment worth Rs. 41 lakh. Bane, a science graduate got training on how to assemble different chemicals perfectly to manufacture the drug, police said. Bane have partners named Anwar Chaudhary, 37, and Sultan Rauf, 41 and the house used for manufacturing has belonged to Chaudhary’s female friend. Her friend with child lived in the house and the drug was manufactured at night in one of the rooms.

This house is remodeled and had a separate entrance with a 50-metre-long pipeline underground to discharge fumes, generated during the manufacturing, far away into the jungle. The house location is perfect as it was surrounded by a farm, so it’s always safe location to manufacture.

DCP Paramjeet Dahiya also said that their team arrested a peddler, Nadeem Shaikh, with 1 kg of Mephedrone in Andheri West. Police are looking for their roots and their team found a factory which was operated from a house at Bamanwadi in Dahanu. In the past four months around 6 to 7 kg of mephedrone was prepared and the master mind is Sanial Bane alias Sunny, 33, is the person running all these manufacturing units.


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