Viva La Vulva, Meet Indian Matlock leading from the front

Vaginal Rejuvenation Revolution in your face, penetrating deep into makeover armoury of women in India


New Delhi: A veritable revolution dubbed as vaginal rejuvenation is brewing between the sheets.

Thanks to Cosmetic Gynaecology coming of age, Vaginas in India are raring to turn over a new leaf. As intimate makeover has started trending, prudes would do well to reconcile themselves to the emerging reality of vagina taking on a life of its own. And, lo and behold, women as sex partners are getting their mojo back into the bargain after this makeover.

Ask Indian Matlock, Dr Navneet Magon, who is privy to cravings for vaginal rejuvenation soaking across women in the country. Talking to Medicare News, Dr Magon, Senior Consultant at Apollo Royale Cradle Hospital in Nehru Place and at Fortis La Femme, Greater Kailash-2, underlined how vaginal rejuvenation is becoming a hip new craze among women and how their sex life is also getting revved up due to various cosmetic gynaecology procedures. Dr David Matlock of USA is regarded as pioneer of vaginal rejuvenation. But Indian women owe it to Dr Magon, an ace laparoscopic gynaecologist and pelvic reconstructive surgeon, who heralded cosmetic gynaecology here and lent credence to it.

So, it is time to give a war cry Viva La Vulva (Long Live Vagina). A woman does not anymore need to suffer mutilation of her external genitalia caused by deliveries or other abrasions and slump in urge and slowing down of orgasm in silence. Vaginal rejuvenation that long ago started enthralling Hollywood divas is now very much a trend with women in metro cities in India going for repair of intimate zone and enhancing of libido (sexual craving). Dr Magon is a big draw on Delhi women, especially from chic society. His clientele also derive fair sexes from Bollywood . Vaginal rejuvenation now is quite a buzzword in Indian Gynaecology idiom. The cherry on the cake is Indian women are having cosmetic gynaecology procedures just for a song compared to its cost in US, where this feature of cosmetic Gynaecology is in vogue for over a decade now.
So in case, after a couple of deliveries, your genitalia are mangled, unseemly and repulsive and slowness in arousal has also set in, cosmetic gynaecology is the go to speciality for you.

Meanwhile, the collaboration between StemGenn Therapeutics, a leading stem cell therapy company in Delhi and Dr Navneet Magon is bound to give a great boost to this genre of gynaecology. Stem cell therapy of late has become an essential component of cosmetic gynaecology and is playing a crucial role in vaginal rejuvenation.

Talking to Medicare News, Dr. Deepti Dua, Chief Scientific Officer, StemGenn Therapeutics, says, ‘Regenerative medicine is coming handy in a big way in vaginal renaissance. Stem cell based treatment is proving efficacious in addressing the state of sexual dysfunction in women. Stem cell treatment is also proving successful in bringing back libido to women who are approaching menopause which is setting quite early. That is why stem cell application blending with procedures of cosmetic gynaecology is billed as an exciting combination.

Dr. Magon says, ‘Laxity and unshapely state of women’s intimate zone coupled with slowness in arousal after a couple of deliveries are big issues confronting modern women. Cosmetic gynaecology is coming handy in correcting these conditions that weigh heavily psychologically on them. Cosmetic gynaecology is heralding  bed room bliss for middle aged women.’

Dr Magon further says, ‘Cosmetic Gynaecology is presently the fastest growing sub-specialty. Medical and surgical procedures constituting cosmetic Gynaecology not only bring an improvement in appearance of the vulvo-vaginal area, but they also bring in improvements in the functionality of this area as in improving vaginal sensation, improving the response to sexual stimulation, especially after a child birth, with advancing age or other lifetime changes. This sub speciality is in currency with many names such as “Cosmetic-Plastic Gynecology”, “Female Cosmetic Genital Surgery”, “Feminine Rejuvenation”, “Aesthetic Gynecology” et al but broadly these consist of surgical and medical procedures which are not purely cosmetic but with overriding functional aspect.’

Dr Magon adds saying, ‘Gone are the times when sex was only for procreation. Now the sexual experience itself is more important and therefore, vulvo-vaginal area is now considered as a very important and integral part of the body image than what it was a few years ago. What adds to it is the easy availability of internet and pornography, intimate shaving becoming a part of personal hygiene, and women having disposable incomes and having a say in improving their own selves. In routine practice, women are confronting their healthcare providers with their intimate concerns on a regular basis since this affects a large proportion of women.  However, a lack of awareness on part of even many doctors, lack of standardization of procedures to treat functional and cosmetic aspects of vulvo-vaginal area end up in women finding their complaints trivialized and not taken seriously. And, in many of the circumstances, completely ignored.’

‘Women after childbirth, ageing women, women who have massive weight loss such as after bariatric surgery, women with orgasmic problems, women with a loose and lax vagina, women with big and hypertrophied labia, women who don’t get sexual gratification or don’t enjoy sex, are few examples of women who need such procedures. The surgical interventions can be in form of vaginal rejuvenation surgery, labiaplasty, labia majoraplasty, clitoral hood surgeries, monsplasty, G-spot plasty, perineal lift and pelvic reconstruction,’ added Dr Magon.

The latest in this field is the regenerative treatments which include PRP (Plasma Rich Platelet) therapy, use of autologous Stem Cells, Autologous fat transfers, amongst others which can plump up and rejuvenate the private parts and help women get over problems like lack of lubrication and painful intercourse, sexual dysfunction and urinary incontinence and much more. This is where the role of StemGenn Therapeutics will become of great value.

Fat Lipokraft, O-cell, V-shot, K-shot, O-shot, G-shot are few such procedures which are being used for this. They do help in vaginal tightening, vulvo-vaginal rejuvenation, urinary stress incontinence, lichen sclerosis and cystitis. Use of autologous stem cells is the next big revolution in this field and Dr Magon is now actively working to integrate the same into women’s intimate health, along with helping women with other issues like infertility for various reasons.

Dr Magon recollects saying, ‘A few years back, a woman who consulted me for stress urinary incontinence and vaginal laxity, during consultations and examination, also mentioned that she didn’t enjoy sex because she felt loose and so did her sexual partner. She also complained of a big labia minora interfering in penile penetration during intercourse. And that is from where, my journey started towards providing surgical corrections and treatments for women’s intimate concerns and delivering what they want.’

Dr Magon is also the Founder and Chairman of Elle Sante: the Centre for Reconstructive & Cosmetic Gynaecology, which is the first such concept clinic in India. Dr Magon is the Course Director for training and teaching courses at CosmoStem Institute and also teaches Cosmetic Plastic at San Antonio Centre of Cosmetic Gynaecology in Texas, U.S.A., making him the first Indian Gynaecologist to be teaching Cosmetic Gynaecology in United States.


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