Bestochem Formulations India Ltd

Bestochem was established in the year 1995. With an experience of more than 2 decades bestochem is a reputed & established name in Indian pharmaceutical market with the diversified product portfolio. Today bestochem recognized as one of the fastest growing company in India. Bestochem Manufacture/Market wide range of finished products in GMP facilities thus ensuring product quality and packing to meet international standards.


Bestochem Formulations India Ltd

A-4/14, Site 4, Industrial Area, Sahibabad (National Capital Region) (5th Mile Stone from ISBT, Anand Vihar, New Delhi)


Brand Name Dosage Form Composition Pack
AHB-15 CAPSULE Ferrous bisglycinate 60 mg + zinc sulfate 14 mg + copper sulfate 1mg +selemethionine 70 mcg + pyridoxine sulfate 10mg+ methylcobalamin 1500mcg + folic acid 5mg + FISH OIL (DHA) 500mg 1X10
ASTA-4 SYRUP Terbutaline sulfate 1.25 mg+ Guaiphenesin 50mg +Menthol 2.5 mg+Ambroxol 15 mg 1X100ML
AZIBIG 100 TAB. TABLET Azithromycin 100mg(DT) 1×3
AZIBIG 250 TAB. TABLET Azithromycin 260mg(DT) 1X6
AZIBIG 500 TAB. TABLET Azithromycin 500mg(DT) 1X3
AZIBIG-100 SUSP SUSPENSION Azithromycin 100mg / 5ml 15ML
AZIBIG-100 SUSP SUSPENSION Azithromycin 100mg(DT) 30ML
AZIBIG-200 SUSP SUSPENSION azithmycin 200mg / 5ml 15ML
AZIBIG-200 SUSP SUSPENSION Azithromycin 200mg(DT) 30ML
BASE-Z Sachet SACHET S.boulardii 2.5billion Spores + lactic acid bacillus 150 million spores + zins 7.5 mg  1X1
BELANO DROPS DROP alpha Galactosidase 50 units per ML 30 ML
BELANO EZ CAP CAPSULE alpha galactosidase150mg+ lactase7mg+protease+amylase50mg+lipase3mg 1X10
BELANO EZ SYRUP SYRUP  alpha galactosidase 25mg+bio fungal lactase 5mg+ alpha amylase 50 mg +pepsin 10mg / 5 ML  1X200 ML
BELANO TAB TABLET alpha galactosidase 150mg 1X10
BEST-3 Tab. TABLET aceclofenac100mg+paracetamol325 mg+serratiopeptidase 15mg 1X10
BESTO-COF SYRUP chlorpheramine 2mg+dextromethorphan 15mg+ phenylepherine +5mg  1X100 ML
BESTO-COF Syrup. SYRUP chlorpheramine 2mg+dextromethorphan 15mg+ phenylepherine +5mg 1X100 ML
BESTOFLOX 200 Tab. TABLET ofloxacin 200mg 1X10
BESTOFLOX N SUSP SUSPENSION Nitazoxanide 100mg / 5ml 1X30 ML
BESTOFLOX N TAB TABLET Nitazoxanide 500mg 1X10
BESTOFLOX SUSP. SUSPENSION ofloxacin 50mg / 5ml 1X60 ML
BESTOFYLINE A CAPS CAPSULE Acebrofylline 100mg 1X10
BESTOFYLINE TAB TABLET Dexofylline 400 mg 1X10
BESTOGESIC FAST 650 Tab. TABLET Paracetamol 650 mg 1X10
BESTOLEE-500 TAB. TABLET Levofloxacin 500 mg 1X5
BESTOLYTE SACHETS SACHET sod. Chloride 2.6g+ Pot. Chloride 1.5g + sod. Citrate2.9g+Dextrose13.5g 1X21GM
BESTOMYCIN DS SYP DRY SYRUP colistin Sulfate 25 mg / 5ml 1X30 ML
BESTOMYCIN SUSP. SUSPENSION colistin Sulfate 25mg /5ml  1X30ML
BESTOZINC SYP SYRUP Lysine 5mg+Zinc 5mg+beta carotene 3000IU+Biotin 10mcg+ Vitamins and minrals 1X200 ML
BESTOZINC TAB TABLET Zinc 10mg+ grape seed extract 50mg+ Vitamins and Minarals 1X15
BESTOZOL NC CREAM CREAM Beclomethasone Dipropionate 0.025% w/w + clotrimazole 1.0% w/w+ neomycin Sulphate 0.5% w/w 1X15 GM
BESTOZOL-150 TAB TABLET fluconazole 150mg 1X1
BETAWIN FORTE Tab. TABLET Betamethasone sodium0.5mg 1X10
BETAWIN S Tab. TABLET Betamethasone 0.5mg 1X10
BIG JOINT-H SACHET SACHET GlucosamineHCL 1.5gm+gingiber offficinale750mg+chondrotin sulphate250mg+milk calcim250mg+withania somnifera125mg+docosahexaoic acid 75mg+ L-mithionine 60mg+ boswellia serrata 25mg+hyaluronic acid 18+65mg+ curcumin 12.65mg+multivitamins & minrals 1X10GM
BIGCEF 125MG /250/ 500 TABLET cefuroxime axetil 125 mg dispersible tablet. 1X10
BIGCEF-250 Tab. TABLET cefuroxime axetil 250 mg  1X10
BIGCEF-500 Tab. TABLET cefuroxime axetil 500 mg  1X10
BIGCEF-CV 375 Tab. TABLET cefuroxime axetil 250 mg +calvunate potassium 125mg 1X6
BIGCEF-CV 625 Tab. TABLET cefuroxime axetil 500 mg +calvunate potassium 125mg 1X6
BIG-JOINT SACHET SACHET Glucosamine HCL1500mg+Mecobalamin1000mcg+milk calcium 250mg 1X1
BIGTUM 375 INJ. INJECTION ceftriaxone 250mg+sulbactum 125mg 1X1
BIGTUM 750 INJ. INJECTION ceftriaxone 500mg+sulbactum 250mg 1X1 ml
BIGTUM INJ INJECTION ceftriaxone 1000mg + sulbactum 500mg 1X1 ml
BIGVIN 2500 INJ INJECTION mecobalamin 2500mcg 1X1 ML
BIGVIN FC INJ. INJECTION PART1- vitamin C 150mg+ PART 2- mecobalamin 1500mcg+folic acid 0.7mg + Niacinamide 12mg C.P
BIGVIN PLUS INJ INJECTION mecobalamin 1000mcg + nicotinamide100mg + pyridoxine100mg 1X2ML
BIGVIN PLUS SOFTGEL CAP CAPSULE mecobalamin1500mcg+folic acid+alpha  lipoic acid+chromium picolinate.vitamins 1X10
CLOTAWIN 250 TAB. TABLET Etamsylate 250mg 1X2ML
CLOTAWIN INJ INJECTION Etamsylate 250mg / 2ml 1X10
CLOTAWIN-500 TAB. TABLET Etamsylate 500mg 1X2ML
CLOTAWIN-MF TAB. TABLET Tranexamic acid 500mg+Mefanimic Acid 250mg 1X1.5GM
COLI-BEST TAB TABLET Nimesulide 100mg+ Drotaverinr HCL 40mg  1X10
C-SORA OINTMENT OINTMENT Clobetasol Propionate 0.05% w/w+ Salicylic Acid 6%w/w  1X20GM
CV-CEF 325 TAB. TABLET cefpodoxime exetil 200mg+ calvunate potassium 125mg 1X10
CV-CEF DRY SYP INJECTION cefpdoxime proxetil 50mg + clavulnate Potassium 31.25 /5ml 1X20GM
CV-CEF-162 TAB. TABLET cefpodoxime exetil 100mg+ calvunate potassium 62.5mg 1X10
DORAN O INJ (COMBI PACK) INJECTION PACK A- ondansetron 2mg, PART B- Ranitidine HCL 50mg 1X2ML
DORAN-O TABS TABLET Omeprazole 10mg+ Ondansetron 4mg  1X10
EFATUM INJ. INJECTION Sulbactum sodium 500mg+ cefoperzone 1000mg 1X1.5GM
EROD-M INJ INJECTION Alpha beta Arteether 150mg 1X2ML
FH-12 TABLET Folic acid 5mg 1X10
FLUWEL TAB TABLET Fluoxetine 20mg+ Alprazolam 0.25mg 1X10
NORMALAX TABLET Sodium Picosulfate 10mg 1X10
PREGNAVIT CAPSULE L- Thyroxine 50mcg + Pyridoxine 1mg+Nicotinamide 25mg + cynocobalamin 2.5mcg 1×10
RACE BASE J SACHET Racecadotril 15mg+L. Saccharomyces boulardii 282.5 mg+ Zinc 7.5 mg 1X1 SAC
SISTAL BR TABLET Trypsin 48 mg +Bromelain 90mg + Rutoside 100 mg Enteric coated  1X10
T-PILL/21/KIT TABLET Mifeprostone 200mg 1X1
UNIFEX CAPSULE Cephalexin 250mg + Probenecid 250mg 1X10
UNIFEX FORTE TABLET Cephalexin 500mg + Probenecid 250mg 1X10
UNIFEX KID TABLET Cephalexin 125mg 1X10
VIVIGESIC AQ INJECTION Diclofenac sodium 75mg 1X1 ML
VIVOGESIC INJECTION Diclofenac sodium 25mg 1X3 ML


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