Jainik Life Sciences

Jainik Life Sciences is a national level pharmaceutical company that excels market specialist & pharmaceutical industry in most of regions amongst country. Using its expertise, experience and best & latest technical know how, Jainik Life Sciences takes scientific innovations to patients with significant medical needs and supply pharmaceutical products.

Company has its best in class therapeutics, rich product pipeline and technology to treat sick patients. Company is dedicated to mankind, healthcare professionals and communities that always encourage on healthy environment where innovative ideas, implementation and engagements are accordingly rewarded and have built an organization where decision making paths are short.


Jainik Life Sciences

No. 3-4-255, Ground Floor, Kanakadurga Bhavan Kachiguda, Kachi Guda, Hyderabad-500027, Telangana, India

Product List

Antibiotics Antibacterials

Clax Dry Syrup
Suzo-1000 Inj.
Tazonik-C Inj.

Anti-Inflammatory Analgesics Muscle Relaxants Enzyme

Nikoheal Tab.
Fast DP Tab
Kelvinilds Susp.
Ostocerin-M Tablet

Vitamin Minerals Antioxidants Appetite Enhancer Calcium Iron

Feronik Syrup
FAB G Cap.

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