125 New Manufacturing Facilities got approval from Gujarat FDCA

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Gujarat Food and Drug Control Administration (FDCA) to increase Foreign Investment in the state and approved plant design of 125 new manufacturing facilities. Make in India campaign will get push through these activities of the state.

In a previous couple of months, FDCA has endorsed plant outline of around 125 manufacturing facilities through its plant approval committee. To ease out and speed the process, the state also has revised timelines of 60 days for grant of manufacturing licenses and renewal of licenses and 30 days for grant and renewal of sale licenses. Before that approval took 45 days for sales grant, 120 days for sales license renewal and 120 days for manufacturing grant license and 180 days for renewal of manufacturing licenses.

Gujarat government is working at its best to ease the process of foreign investment in the state.

State already has big industry manufacturing units totaling 4000 according to the government data in four clusters with 5 SEZ in a territory of more than 1,500 hectares.

While collecting state achievements, the best thing to consider is the online ability to make speedy disposal of applications related to issuing licenses to wholesalers and retailers in a time-bound way since the introduction of online Extended Licensing Node (XLN) system set up in the state in 2007.

Following Gujarat internet permitting model for sales licenses, 16 states repeated the model in the nation. Presently, the State has 37,000 retail and wholesale licensees. At the starting of an online system, there were 15,000 licensees who have additionally been digitized.

Data showing state already rich with industries setup like it has 255 WHO certified manufacturing units with 23 MHRA certified 24 TGA certified, 15 EU certified and 16 PICS certified units. Other than this, it brags of 158 formulation units and 97 drug units with bulk production. It has 40 percent of CROs and 40 percent of CRAMS organizations.

A manufacturing park for medical devices at Sanand will also be launch soon in the state. And this will generate opportunities to invest for individual manufacturers as medical manufacturing requires certain high investment facilities. This park will also help to produce medicines at low cost because of in-house high investment scientific facilities.

National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research (NIPER) Ahmedabad is also being developed as a National Centre for Medical Devices (NCMD) which will provide a conducive environment to nurture innovators and industry.


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