Govt plan to Regulate the sale Of Fairness Creams Containing Steroids


After analyzing the side effects of the steroids on the skin, the health ministry planned to regulate the over-the-counter sale of fairness creams carrying corticosteroids. Corticosteroids is a steroid hormone is known to damage skin damage and other health hazards.

Willingness to get Fair skin, and obsession with fairness will going to face a regulatory crackdown as no one can purchase creams without prescriptions.  To improve the effectiveness of lightening skin, some fairness cream manufacturers add corticosteroids, but these are very dangerous to the skin.

According to skin specialists, it is impossible to filter how many companies use steroids as producers not mentioned on their packs, in breach of labeling rules. Dermatologists said these creams not come under schedule H drugs, simply means anyone can buy over the counter and used without any prescription.

According to the talks, A notification will be released soon and the government has proposed amendments to the Drugs and Cosmetic Rules, 1945 inserting potent corticosteroid ingredients in Schedule H, which would restrict the over-the-counter sale of these topical creams.

Dermatologists experienced there is a link between these creams and cases of Topical Steroid Damaged Face (TSDF)’ s type of skin damage due to the steroid used in creams. Due to wide-spread of steroids, it becomes hard to treat simple skin ailments. There is a huge increase in the number of patients who are experiencing the side-effects of steroid use.

And it is recommended by the drug technical body-Drugs Technical Advisory Board to insert steroid-laced fairness cream in schedule H.


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