Menopause is no Pause to Motherhood, thanks to IVF

Delhi IVF Centre claims it facilitated over 3000 post menopausal maternity

New Delhi: Menopause is no barrier to motherhood anymore. Not long ago, a Delhi woman Chameli Meena at 63 gave birth to her bundle of joy, thanks to Delhi IVF Centre. But she is not alone. She is the umpteenth menopausal woman to venture for artificial birthing. This centre claims to have single handed facilitated over 3000 menopausal maternity so far.

Talking to Medicare News, Dr. Anoop Gupta, Director, Delhi IVF Centre, says, ‘Mrs Chameli’s is not a freak success. It is one example of by now a well established line of treatment. My centre alone has over 3000 post menopausal mothers in its assisted birthing basket. Of course, the success chiefly depends on the quality of the centre and its team.’

Mrs. Chameli’s case well exemplifies how advanced IVF has become. Jagdish Prasad Meena (65), a retired BSNL official, lost his son 31 year old Sonu. After his death in doubtful circumstances, the couple was over powered by yearning for a baby to fill the void left by his son’s demise. To make the long story short, they got a baby son through IVF (taste tube baby technique). And, lo and behold! The little bundle of joy is a look alike of his deceased son. The couple residing in Shakarpur is indulging him as their most precious find.

Talking to Medicare News, Jagdish Meena said, ‘We have named our 6 months old son Arman. He is in fine fettle and cynosure of all eyes in the family. We feel kind we have got a miniature Sonu’.

But the couple is trying hard to secure his future as they are aware that they might not be around for long while he grows and studies. Mr. Meena adds, ‘we are worried for little Arman, thinking we are old and our lives are uncertain. Who would look after him when we would not be around?’

Commenting on the science behind post menopause maternity, Dr Gupta says, ‘Uterus is already there, only becomes dysfunctional. We artificially revive it through medicines.’

Dr. Gupta further says, ‘Since Chameli Meena was healthy, we did not chose surrogacy route and went for artificial insemination in her. Her husband had sperms but egg had to be procured from other woman having good quality ones. It was also kept in mind that Egg donor resembled Meena in colour and from, so that new born looked like their parents.’

Dr. Gupta added, ‘Those in advanced age who lose their grown up children due to accidents or diseases are resorting to artificial birthing techniques in a large number.’

It has to be kept in mind that as women approach menopause, their eggs dwindle and they are left with fewer eggs, that too of substandard quality. After menopause, the only way a woman can get pregnant is through a donor egg and in vitro fertilization (IVF). There are thousands of menopausal women who have gotten pregnant. Though it is not possible for women to get pregnant after menopause through natural ways but thanks to advancement in medical science, natural barriers have been done away with.


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