survey of dr. Sagar mundada on Yoga

By: Rakesh Saini
Dr. Sagar Mundada ( PG Resident doctor,Deptt. of Psychiatry, Grant medical collage Mumbai )  has surveyed over 200 patients. During his OPD in the second week of june and asked questions about yoga .
Myth:Yoga is a sport.
42 said yes..
Fact:Although many people like to think yoga is a sport due to it’s physical nature, it is by no means an athletic sport. Yoga is not a casu al past time that you can just take up as a hobby. It takes a lot of hard work and determination. It is the art and science of physical, mental and spiritual development. The stretches and postures exercised in yoga are meant to heal. So no, yoga is not a sport.
Myth:The physical side of yoga is the most important.
108 said yes out of 200
Although the physical aspect of yoga seems like the most important part, it’s not. Yoga is all about feeling at peace with the world and relaxing your mind body and soul. While the physical aspect is a key part in practicing yoga, it is not the most important. You could do modified versions of the stretches and still get the same results.


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