Umbilical cord boon for medical science

Sonal aggarwal ( )

Advance science has answers of all questions, has proved to be boon for entire world but there are many questions whose answers are still mystery!!! There are many diseases in medical science whose cause, pathophysiology and treatment is still mystery. If cause is known , no cure is available. These are neurodegenerative disorders, leukemia, lymphoma , multiple myeloma . With great efforts, researchers have paved a way to treat life threatening diseases with help of stem cell therapy.

STEM CELLS ; These are undifferentiated cells that are capable of giving rise to differentiated cells. In mammals there are two types of stem cells embryonic stem cells &adult stem cells Embryonic stem cells are obtained from embryo and adult stem cells are obtained from bone marrow ,adipose tissue and blood.

Later on researchers have found that umbilical cord(a connection between foetus and placenta) was once discard as a waste is known to be source of stem cells. In last 25 years umbilical cord has been used to treat around 80 medical conditions, that’s why Indian govertment institute provide facilities to preserve umbilical cord . Life cell is one of the india’s first and largest stem cell bank where cord stem cells are preserved.

HOW STEM CELLS ARE STORED ; After baby born’ umbilical cord is double clamped and cut ,clean it with a wet sponge and insert needle into cord and. collects blood in double bag Collection is done until maximum blood is not drained into bag .
Label it and stored at room temperature. Preservation of cord is not an expensive process, it is cost effective. It depends upon parents want to take measure to protect kid from life threatening diseases or not.(advt.)


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