88 Year Old Conquered COVID 19, dread for Senior Citizens

Sir Ganga Ram affiliated COVID Hospital’s Corona Warriors gave Octogenarian a rousing send off

New Delhi:  K. S. Jaswal, a COVID 19 patient from district UNA, Himachal Peadesh, has recovered fully in COVID hospital Kolmet affiliated to Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, giving lie to the dread that elders are most vulnerable to the virus. The ex Indian Air Force man still had guts to defeat the enemy. The corona warriors in hospital gave him a warm send off.

Mr Jaiswal tested positive on 27th April for COVID-19 and was discharged on 9th May from Kolmet Hospital (Affiliated with Sir Ganga Ram Hospital) after testing negative for COVID-19.

Born in March 1932, Mr. Jaswal is an Ex-Indian Air Force. He leads a disciplined life by doing Yoga twice a day and doesn’t suffer from any major ailments. Commenting on his recovery Mr. Jaswal said,” I am thankful to God Almighty and Doctors for my recovery”.

According to treating COVID-19 team at Kolmet Hospital which is recognised only for COVID-19 patients and is affiliated with Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, “It was really encouraging and heartening to see an Octogenarian walking out safely to his home after fighting a deadly infectious disease like COVID 19. As we all are aware that this disease is essentially severe in the elderly and people with co-morbidities but Mr. Jaiswal could make it probably because of disciplined life style, strong will power, lack of major illnesses and good supportive care.”

From May 13, City Hospital (Affiliated with Sir Ganga Ram Hospital) has also commenced operations. With 116 beds and 13 ICU beds, this hospital was made ready within one week only for COVID-19 patients on war footing.

This hospital has 4 bedded level 2 nursery, 5 bedded paediatric ICU facility. This will enable us to provide care to Covid positive pregnant mothers and newborns and meet increasing load of Covid positive patients

The hospital is equipped with State of art Lab. facilities, X rays, Ultrasound and CT Scan, three modern Operation rooms and 8bedded hemodialysis facility.

Both Kolmet and City Hospitals situated at Pusa Road are affiliated hospitals of Main Sir Ganga Ram Hospital at Sir Ganga Ram Marg. Task force Team headed by Dr. B. K. Rao, Chairman Critical Care Medicine are working very hard to provide care to Covid positive patients adhering to dynamic  guidelines for taking care of Covid positive patients.


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