Arab Health 2020 @Dubai: Veritable Study in Healthcare’s TechTonic Shift

Heralding new decade of technological triumphs & innovations in Medicine

From Dubai: The healthcare all over the world is on the cusp of complete transformation. Technological breakthroughs and innovations packed Arab Health 2020 showcased that impending great transformation. It unveiled new decade‘s upcoming healthcare scenario. It gave an insight into how trinity of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (MI) and Big Data is all set to disrupt the way healthcare is currently rendered. The largest healthcare exhibition underlined that speed in diagnosis and treatment will be the attributes of new age medicine,

The ‘MahaKumbh’ of latest healthcare products and innovations at Dubai World Trade Centre from Jan 27 to Jan30 was a veritable glimpse into the ‘TechTonic’ shift that is coming in the healthcare industry. About 55 thousand healthcare and trade professionals got the opportunity to access over 4 thousands medical manufacturers from all over the world. These manufacturers aggregated the latest innovations in the industry. It was crystal clear that digital health is the future of medicine.

Innovation Hub at Arab Health gave a comprehensive vision of future healthcare. Here the disruptive technologies were a joy to discover. The various disruptive technologies in the Internet of Medical Things (IoT) ecosystem included Artificial Intelligence (AI), Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR/VR), mobile device accessories, smart watches, fitness trackers and applications, disease management devices, health monitors, home care devices and telemedicine devices, to name but a few.

The Innovation hub also featured a startup zone, providing local and international startups the opportunity to display and demonstrate new products and innovations that are shaping the future of healthcare. Innov8 Talks was a crucial component of Innovation Hub. Innov8 talk was marked by presentations by key industry leaders discussing emerging innovations and changes in the healthcare industry, emphasising the rapid transformations happening in the sector.

As the largest collection of healthcare product manufacturers and service providers under one roof, Arab Health proved one stop shop for all healthcare sourcing and procurement needs.From state of art imaging equipment to the most cost effective disposables, developments in surgery to advances in prosthetics, Arab Health continues to be at the heart of global healthcare.

The region’s largest exhibition for healthcare and trade professionals showcased vital role technology has on improving the speed and accuracy of diagnosis and treatment in the healthcare industry.

Patient experience towards ‘digitalisation in healthcare and enhancing the patient experience through digital health’ formed the basis of discussion at the Patient Experience conference, with a focus on empowering the patient to make better decisions, and in turn, implementation of an efficient and stronger healthcare system.


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