Aster DM Healthcare pours Coffer, Compassion on rain- fed agony of Keralites

Healthcare Behemoth, spanning India &UAE, goes all out to rescue the state stuck in dire straits

New Delhi/Dubai: Kerala is Dr Azad Moopen’s ‘own country’. As God seems to have disowned it for the time being, the ‘son of the soil’ Dr Moopen, Chairman, Aster DM Healthcare, spanning India &UAE, has unleashed all resources at his command to alleviate the agony of keralites.  As flood waters start to ebb in Kerala, Aster Volunteers are harnessed in full force to lend a hand round the clock to ensure health and hygiene for the people stuck in unprecedented crisis.

Aster DM has put in place help lines to be able to reach people in distress. People in need of help can call Aster Disaster support team @ Kochi (+91 9446222135 | +919562721642),   Kottakkal (+91 9656000601)   Calicut (+91 9847520600) Wayanad (+919847762080).

Being an NRI health honcho in Dubai, Dr Moopen’s heart goes out to his fellow keralites in this hour of crisis. Aster Volunteers have taken to remote areas where proper support is yet to reach, to help the people with medical checkups, clothes, blankets, food and water.

Aster Disaster Support Team consisting of more than 300 medical and non-medical volunteers from Aster DM Healthcare’s network of hospitals in India, has been working with local government relief centers in Wayanad, Ernakulam, Calicut and Malappuram districts to conduct medical camps, provide health check-ups and essential materials for sustenance.

Expressing his own anguish at his fellowmen’s plight, Dr. Moopen , said , ‘This is to place in record greatest appreciation to all those who actively took part in the timely, efficient and compassionate medical care and allied support provided to the victims of the unprecedented flood related tragedy. I am proud that Asterians have been in the forefront of the efforts with commitment and service. The Government, with Hon CM leading from the front with the support of the thousands of volunteers, forces, officials and healthcare workers did a fantastic job to mitigate the damage that was caused by the Mother of All Floods. The Aster Volunteers can be proud of our timely involvement and contribution, especially in the Relief Camps providing badly needed medical care.

Dr Moopen further added, ‘The job is only half done, the phase one of providing immediate care to the affected people in the camps are over. The more important part of the intervention is in Phase 2 with significant risk of communicable diseases. Contaminated water sources can be a major threat to GI illnesses like diarrhea, typhoid, hepatitis etc. Prevention and treatment of these maladies is of paramount importance and Aster Volunteers must be at the forefront of combating this. I request the coordinators to work closely with the authorities and provide man power and materials wherever required. The disposal of biomedical waste is being supported by IMAGE, a wing of IMA. Government is providing the required immunization materials. Request all of you to be actively spending time to prevent any aftermath of the tragedy, which can prevent more morbidity and mortality. Let us be on red alert regarding this in the forefront of the crusade against this natural disaster.’

Aster volunteers’ advice people to follow the precautionary measures while entering home after floods subside:

  • Enter house only when the water has completely receded from the ground
  • Do not switch on electrical gadgets that were submerged. It may create short circuit/fires/electric shocks
  • Do not compromise with the quality of drinking water, do not drink from ponds/ wells that was previously thought to be safe for direct drinking
  • Discard floodwater-soaked grains if other foods are available. If using such grains, they should be thoroughly cleaned and cooked. But only use if there is no other option.
  • Do not allow kitchen waste water, bathroom water from your house to mix with flood water in your locality. It will continuously keep contaminating the entire water sources in the whole locality
  • Elderly people, those with diabetes etc. should AVOID getting into any kind of dirty water as they are at high risk of infections and sepsis
  • In case of any medical doubt or symptoms like high fever, diarrhea, cough, jaundice, skin infections which do not recede in a few days, don’t take self-decision, but see doctor in any nearby camp or health care center
  • Co-operate with rescue workers, health authorities and doctors. Discuss your problem frankly and work out the best solution.

If anyone would like to contribute, they can reach Aster Volunteer Leads in their respective areas: UAE- Krishnabhaskar Mangalasserri- +971 558309649|Kochi- Latheef: +919446222135, Dr. Sudha: +919562721642 | Kottakkal- Sumesh: +919656000601 | Calicut- Anvar: +919847520600 |Wayanad- Ajilal: +919847762080 | Bangalore- Shaheen: +919945542392 |Hyderabad- Venkatesh: +919866957006 | Vijayawada- Ratna: +919052154888 |Kolhapur- Ravindra: +919325561111.




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