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Technology has changed the lives of people in an innovative way and people are enjoying the benefits of technological advancement. eVero team making full use of technology advancement, technical brains, and skills to developed software like digitalAGENCY™  (Electronic Health Records), EMPOWER™ (Self-Direction Services), and everyone ICM™

(Integrated Care Management).

eVero’s developed various software like EMPOWER™, that is a personal care agency software which provides a powerful software package used by large, medium and small human services agencies. It saves your precious time you spend in data entry and paperwork. With its excellent results, It has gained the trust of agencies and used to manage their technological workflows. EMPOWER™ is useful from EHR to ICM to SDS and creates products across the entire patient care continuum.

This software is specifically designed and the only complete software package, beneficial for Broker, FI, Self-Hired Staff and Family Businesses. It offers 100% paperless ecosystem and helping agencies to grow and scale their Self-Direction program. EMPOWER™ becomes the number one Self-Direction software and market leader in New York State because of the features and usefulness.

Key Points:





digitalAGENCY™ ( Electronic Health Records) is fully paperless software to let you implement scalable workflows. It has a feature to collect service documentation in real-time and capture charges and expenses easily. You don’t need any sound technical knowledge to use them and it let you elevate the level of services you provide to your customers. This software is working as a Glue to hold your company together.

Key points:

Role-Based Access

Charge and Expense Capture

Business Process Management

Data Capture at the Point of Care

Business Analytics Dashboard

eVero ICM™ (Integrated Care Management) is the most innovative software to unify patient data. It has amazing features to monitor, track, and share data between multiple organizations in real time. To give the top level of care, databases should be connected perfectly and communicating fluidly. eVero’s Integrated Care Management (ICM™) platform performs best in unifying patient’s data across the entire continuum of care.

For each and every care agency, data management is quite complex and it should be connected accurately. Visibility and accessibility issues are very common when data is collected and saved in multiple locations. The interconnected database is very important and EHRs required to ‘talk’ in real-time. eVero ICM™ provides an excellent solution to this limitation by connecting databases of different organizations and allowing them to communicate fluidly together.

Person-centered data should be required. Every person undergoing unique treatment and receive different types of care and services, and all of this information should be accessible and easy to understand. With eVero ICM™  platform, the data follows as per the person. This way, each organization that serves any individual can keep track of the care they’re receiving.

With the proper individual’s data visualization, the highest quality of care can be given. Every person care service provider that is involved in a person’s care needs to be able to see the big clear picture in order to make the best decisions in choosing care treatment.

No one can understand the benefits of software, without using them. So, It’s always good to give them a try or check out the demo’s as they will show you the clear picture of their benefits and features. All it takes is 15 minutes, and you’ll see for yourself how powerful technology can be when properly applied to human services agencies.


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