Birthing is a Bed of Roses in this Maternity Hospital

Rosewalk Hospital in Panchsheel Park is Peerless where luxury is BirthRight

New Delhi: Life may not be a bed of roses but birthing is, if a woman on her family way reaches Rosewalk, a luxury maternity hospital nestled in posh Panchsheel Park. It is out of the world. Seeing, nay, birthing is believing!

How about giving birth to a baby in a garden of roses and that too without thorns or pangs! Sounds exotic? As every room bears the name of varieties of roses, namely Sweet Heart, Silver Moon, Sunny Side et al, Rosewalk hospital comes across as a metaphor for luxury as if welcoming a pregnant woman on petals of roses strewn on the floor. Pain or pangs of labour is alien to this hospital.  A walk in the hospital with Abrarali E Dalal, Group Chief Operating Officer (COO) of the Rainbow group of Hospitals and Director, Rosewalk turns out a veritable study in overindulgence.

The name Rosewalk seems to invoke that famous song of hit film Tajmahal –Paon Chhoo lene do phullon ko inayat hogi ( let flowers touch your feet, they would be obliged).

And Rosewalk flaunts luxury with panache. Opening of a luxury ward in now very popular hospital based TV serial Sanjivani may be a cause celebre but Rosewalk does not put up any facade of affordability. Mr Abrarali does not mince words and makes a clean breast of it. Talking to Medicare News, Mr Abrarali said, ‘Our objective is to conjure up 5 star ambiences for maternity. We do everything under the sun to deliver best medical attention in the lap of luxury. In Rosewalk, utmost comfort meets medical excellence.’

But make no mistake. Mothers are not spoilt in luxury. Natural delivery is the credo in this hospital. Dr Sharad Srivastava, Medical Advisor and Lead consultant, Anaesthesiology, says, ‘Our focus is on natural birthing, we promote it. For this, we have wellness classes. For 6 months, we counsel would be mothers and convince them that natural delivery is the best birthing in which immunity of the newborn is assured. And women from high society are willingly going for natural birthing, albeit painless natural labour. Painless natural delivery is a big draw among high end ladies.’ ‘There is no incentive for c –section (Caesarian). The cost of both natural and C –section delivery is the same,’ he added.

In the midst of luxury, two VIP or Presidential suites are case in point. It houses the whole family of the birthing woman, being home away from home. The hubby can even sit in the labour room and watch his wife going through labour. Mr Abrarali says, ‘And this suit is not only selling big, sometimes there is a rush for it.

Ranked the number 1 Paediatric and Obstetric Hospital in India, Rosewalk is spread over 1,200 square yards. There are 3 floors and a basement, bedecked with framed photos of highest qualities. It has 15 patient rooms, state of art operation theatres, onsite blood storage unit and high end consultation suites. The medical services in Rosewalk include Maternity, Neonatology &Paediatrics and Gynaecology. There are in-room spa, café joya- a classy cafe offering gourmet’s delight, Play space for kids, in house pharmacy, a boutique & shop and its signature 24 X 7 concierge service and you name it. Mothers and new arrivals are spoilt for attention and care. The clientele include women from who’s who families of Delhi and from abroad.

To sum up, Rosewalk is a class apart from other birthing centres in Delhi. Its care and cost both are world class.


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