COVID Test Results in 50 Seconds with 95 % Accuracy

The Testing Device is a mix of Israeli &Indian Technology


New Delhi:  KIDOD SIENCE & TECHNOLOGIES LTD have developed a non-invasive detection device (size of as desktop computer) which does not need expert or any qualified personnel. And device can detect the virus by Saliva sample only, using the Ion-Mobility Spectrometry (IMS) technique. This testing is done in association with DRDO India. It was launched in India in a press conference.

A Research scientist from Israel, Mr. Moshe Golan present at the media briefing said Virus contains in general amRNA or DNA covered by capsid (protein) to protect the mRNA or DNA. Virus does not produce any virulence like bacteria. Virus has on its capsid attachment tools called spikes which are connected to capsid by lipid substance. Viruses exist on earth since 4.5 billion years. Virus wants to replicate itself and for this reason it shall enter to a live cell which has special replications systems called ribosomes. Once virus enters to our cells it will be there as long as we are alive. Our immune system can protect us against the virus replication.

Covid 19 has the highest spikes so it can attach on the upper respiratory cells at higher rate than any other viruses. This Virion test has 95% accuracy rate and Result in 50 seconds.

In order to renew the international flights without endangering the passengers and destinations inhabitants, Virion test can screen huge number of passengers with accuracy and within a reasonable price too. This can be done within one minute, its very fast – less than 50 seconds. The procedure is very simple and testing rate is up to 70 per hour. Where in with Virion Test Covid-19 virus can be detected in 50 seconds with device having Ion-Mobility Spectrometry (IMS) technique. It can detect at early stage of cells destroying by the virus with sensitivity of as low as 150 picogram. IMS technique used to separate and identity trace number of ionized molecules in the gas phase based on their mobility in a carrier buffer gas.

Present at the event Mr. Amit Sharma, Director CoreLogix Consulting India Pvt. Ltd.Said by combining advanced Israeli and Indian technology and India’s manufacturing prowess, we can find a way to resume our lives and exist alongside the virus till a vaccine is developed. Also as our Prime Minster Mr. Modi’s vision for Make in India effort we are manufacturing the test Kits here in India. We appreciate the external Affair Ministry and DRDO joint effort in this land mark step of time.


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