Facelift: Best treatment to get healthier and younger skin back

Rhytidectomy is technical name for Facelift, which comes from Greek two words rhytis means “wrinkle” and ektome means surgical removal of wrinkles. To gain youthful appearance, aged people gone through cosmetic surgery called Facelift or facial toning procedure. With aging and weight loss, the facial skin gets wrinkles, sagging skin and Facelift is a best solution to reduce wrinkles and sagging skin on the face and neck.

During this surgery, surgeon removes excess skin, reshapes the skin to higher side and tightens the underlying muscles. Output from this surgery is amazing and it serves good solution to gain wrinkle free skin.

Medical advancement really makes our lives better. We all wish to have beautiful look, wrinkle free face, younger and healthier appearance at all times, but with increase in age our skin start losing its grace and beauty. To get healthy skin back, to get inner confidence, to get youthful appearance, Facelift is the best treatment.

There are mainly three types of Facelifts that can be performed by the surgeons:

Traditional/SMAS Face Lift: It is commonly adopted by the peoples to lift sagging skin and deeper structures. An SMAS lift basically tightens the SMAS layer, along with overlying skin repositioning to upper side that helps people to look younger.

Deep-plane Facelift: It is a modified version of standard Facelift techniques, to treat skin appearance changed because of ageing. With aging there will be a change in the ptosis of midface structures, so to correct the structures of ptosis of midface, deep nasolabial folds doctors use deep-plane Facelift.  Surgeon recommends that this is a most advanced technique available and have the potential to long lasting effects.

Thread Lift:  A surgery free approach to get a new fresh feel and very safe. It serves best alternative and give Facelift like results. In this method, facial tissues being inserted with very fine surgical sutures that help to lift and support sagging areas.  This method is just an alternative but not completely effective like Facelift.

Facelift surgeons in Sydney are well experienced and highly recommended, if you want to gain younger skin, you can choose to go Sydney to have world class treatment. Facelift procedure is mainly for older ages but individuals above 18 years are also eligible for this treatment if they want to improve their overall look.

The scope of Facelift surgery is not same for all, every individual have its own issues and doctors will develop procedures as per individual requirements. Sydney is best place to have Facelift surgery as it has great Facelift surgeons in the city. advt.


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