FDA granted nod to 37 Pharma firms for azithromycin

AHMEDABAD: Various Pharmaceutical companies are induldged in manufacturing of the azithromycin along with hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) as used in the treatment novel coronavirus. Gujarat Food and Drug Control Administration (FDCA) has granted permissions to 37 firms since march for the manufacturing of the antibiotic in Gujarat.

Dr H G Koshia, commissioner, Gujarat FDCA said, “Azithromycin has been included into the standard treatment protocol for Covid-19. As many as 66 product licences have been issued to 37 pharma companies for azithromycin during past two months.”
The various companies are Vega Biotec, Gujarat Medicraft, Care-well Healthcare, Curis Lifesciences Private Ltd, Galen Pharma, Rusan Pharma and Unimed Pharma Ltd.

At present, 629 pharmaceutical companies in Gujarat are involved in manufacturing of azithromycin and its raw material (active pharmaceutical ingredient). 1,397 product licences have been issued, so far. Vadodara-based Alembic Pharmaceuticals Ltd is the leading company in manufacturing azithromycin.

The companies involved in making HCQ has also jumped threefold in Gujarat for growing demand of this anti-malarial drug across the world. Around 68 companies have received Gujarat FDCA nod to manufacture HCQ in the state since the Covid-19 outbreak in the country. Earlier, the number of companies was only 28.


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