FSSAI Issues Updated Final List Of Approved RAFT-Kits


New Delhi : FSSAI has issued an updated final list of approved Rapid Analytical Food Testing (RAFT)-Kits, Equipment or Methods. A total of 75 RAFT kits, equipment, or methods were listed to be used for screening and surveillance purposes.

These methods/kits/equipment were approved by the FSSAI across six product categories including edible oils, milk, water & alcoholic beverages, meat & meat products, fish & fish products, raw including vegetable & finished products and automated system for rapid detection of pathogens in food matrices.

The FSSAI has constituted a committee for scrutinisation of applications for Rapid Analytical Food Testing (RAFT) Kit/ Equipment/ Method. The recommendations of the RAFT committee were ratified by the Scientific Panel on Methods of Sampling and Analysis and approved by the Competent Authority before adoption.

“The recommended rapid kit/equipment/method meets the requirements of the Food Safety and Standard Regulations and validated against International Standards,” says FSSAI’s statement.

The statement added that the purpose of the approval by FSSAI to RAFT Kit/Equipment/Method was to facilitate carrying out on the spot field testing by Food Safety Officers (FSOs) or Mobile Testing Labs or to improve speed and reduce testing costs in food laboratories.

“The rapid food testing kit/equipment/method ensure “faster, better, cheaper” real-time testing of food. The rapid food testing kit/equipment/ method are better in terms of their size, faster in terms of their total run time and cheaper in terms of cost effectiveness as compared to conventional methods. The rapid food testing kit/equipment approved by FSSAI is to be used for screening and surveillance purposes only,” reads the statement.



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