Gut is no more Feeling; it is now Science of Healing

Celiac Society of India Webinar asserts Gut as crucial aspect in COVID situation

New Delhi: Gut Health which is repository of Immunity has gone viral as never before thanks to COVID. Gut wisdom has dawned on humanity as manna from heaven while mainstream medicine has come a cropper in the face of pandemic even after about a year. Immunity is being chanted as mantra by all and sundry. Though Vaccine is being anticipated as the saviour, the real saviour is inarguably the gut health.

Experts in the international webinar on theme COVID & the Gut on December 9 organised by Celiac Society of India amply demystified the connection between our gut, our immunity and the COVID pandemic. They elaborated on the science of Gut and its criticality in treatment of diseases and maintaining prime of health in detail. They underlined how gut is both progenitor of diseases and keeper of their cures. Not surprisingly, Clinical dieticians have emerged as new breed of healers who are claiming they can treat diseases like diabetes, hypertension even cancer merely by protocols of diets.

Dr Tom O’ Bryan, renowned international gut health expert and Founder of, Chef Sanjeev Kapoor, celebrity chef and entrepreneur, Ms Ishi Khosla, Founder, The Celiac Society of India and clinical dietician, Dr Navin Dang, Chaiman, Dr. Dangs Labb, Dr Neerja Hajela, Head of Science & Regulatory Affairs at Yakult Danone India, Dr Ajay Bhalla, Director & HOD, Gastroenterology and Hepatology and Dr Pankajj Verma, Consultant Physician and HOD, Integrative Medicine at Rajasthan hospital, Jaipur-all stressed the importance of gut health. They stressed there is certain gut lung axis in COVID patients. They said majority of Covid patients had compromised gut health. They were one in the thinking all diseases begin in the leaky gut and there treatment invests in the gut itself.

Ishi Khosla, Founder, Celiac Society of India, said, ‘if COVID brought some positives, one is that Diet and immunity have got unprecedented importance. Gut is the largest immune organ in the body and it produces more antibodies than any other part of the body. All diseases begin with inflammation of gut.

Dr Tom O’Bryan said that gut health is the key and is now a science underpinning overall health. He underlined leaky gut as the villain of the piece. He said healing the gut is the way forward to health.


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