HEPATITIS C cases are on rise at PGIMS ROHTAK


In a recent research conducted by Gaestroenterology Department of PGIMS ROHTAK ,deadly disease HEPATITIS  C Is on rise.It was found that the carelessness on part of the non-registered medical practitioners and barbers is the big reason behind the spread and rise of HEPATITIS C. Barbers and non-registered medical practitioners were helping spread of Hepatitis C by not changing towels,shavers(ustras),blades and needles while attending to their customers.

Dr. Praveen Malhotra senior professor of the gastroenterology dept.of the PGIMS said ,”In the research we had collected data of 25,000 patients and it was found that 70% of the patients received the virus from unsterilized needles and shavers”.

“Also most of the patients coming to the PGIMS are from Punjab and drug abuse too was a reason behind spread of the virus”.

He also said that more than 1000 patients of Hepatitis C have been registered at the PGIMS ROHTAK in 15 days only.

The state govt.was taking steps to ensure cheap treatments of the Hepatitis-B and C patients. Medicines for the patients coming from economically backward families were available free of cost and the treatment for the others was cheapest in the country told Dr. Praveen Malhotra.


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