Hopes abound about effectiveness of Stem Cell Therapy

The feedback from Stem Cell Awareness Week bound to give impetus to regenerative medicine in India

New Delhi: The takeaways from Stem Cell Awareness week, which took place from October 8 to October 11, is bound to give a lot of boost to regenerative medicine. It evidenced that as success stories pile up; hopes about the efficacy of stem cell therapy abound in India.

Anti Ageing Foundation , StemGenn Therapeutics and CosmoStem, Institute Of Regenerative Aesthetic Medicine collectively organised a number of talking points in Delhi, Chandigarh and other places where the massive participation of doctors, Scientists and general people painted quite a bright picture of stem Cell therapy in India.

Like previous years, Stem Cell Awareness Week proved an opportunity to throw light on the scientific advancements and new discoveries that are flourishing at a constant pace, with implications for the future of regenerative medicine alongside human health. The awareness week this year reflected growing belief in the therapy.

A stem cell can become one of the 220 different cells in the body, they are the component of the development of every complex tissue in our body, and is the primary key towards tissue healing as well as tissue regeneration. There are different categories of Stem Cells available, each of them fulfilling a different purpose. Adult stem cells have been an area of interest and have been studied thoroughly in order to analyse expanding horizons and derive conclusions accordingly.

Talking of iPsc’s or induced pluripotent stem cells they are a more recent pursuit. Research has been making turns on both types of stem cells and has helped derive a lot of regulatory insights that help us know its dynamic roles. Over the years, latest technologies have enhanced the pace of stem cell research to many folds and have also helped in putting them into use during clinical procedures, helping push the scientific research to the clinic where the people can witness the insights in real depth.
To mark the relevance of this day Anti Ageing Foundation (The Society of Regenerative Aesthetic and Functional Medicine) shakes hands with the worldwide effort to highlight the evergreening aspects of stem cell science and to celebrate its true potential in relation to the development of treatments for varied diseases and injuries. The event was massively followed on Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter & Facebook #stemcellawrenessday.

Talking to Medicare News, Prabhu Mishra, an ace stem Cell scientist and pioneer in stem cell therapy in India, said, ‘ Applications of stem cell research have shown clear evidence of the transformational prospects it offers. Stem Cell therapy is finding answers to problems to many degenerative medical conditions among people which results in death.’
Dr Mishra further said, ‘ Stem Cell Therapy has offered a bright ray of hope in many of the orthopedic and neurological problems such as Strokes, Multiple Sclerosis, Spinal Cord Injuries, Motor Neuronal Disease (ALS), Auto-immune Diseases, Crohn’s disease, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Diabetes and even Anti-aging treatments. Stem Cell Therapy treatment-Repokraft offers lot of hope for infertile couples, even to those who have lost their hope after multiple times of IVF treatment and for those with thin endometrium and poor ovarian reserve.’


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