How to lower Blood Pressure

Many of us recently diagnosed blood pressure readings and if found high blood pressure, then might be worried to lower it down through medication or any other ways. With small lifestyle changes and eating habits, you can lower blood pressure naturally. Nature has given us a number of sources to stay healthy without the use of medications. Unbalanced Blood Pressure levels not only harmful for our heart only but also causes fatigue, hair loss, impotence and low mental ability. Studies proved that people with high blood pressure have declining mental abilities with ages.

Start lowering blood pressure today by eating foods that lower high blood pressure. Real factors that affect your blood pressure levels are your diet, exercise levels, and weight. Dr. Sam Robbins clearly studied about how to keep blood pressure levels stable and he suggested best supplements that deliver quick results. People in developed countries like America have 33% of its population start suffering from High Blood pressure over the age of 20. The most important thing is that high blood pressure has no symptoms or warning signs, so how we can cure hypertension ( the silent killer).

Medications will give results for short-term and causes long-term side effects. So to get long-term solutions from high blood pressure, we need to improve our lifestyle and start consuming a healthy diet. Body weight management plays an important part because, with the right weight, a heart doesn’t have to work hard and reduces heart strain. For many people change in lifestyle take lot of efforts, money and time, that made them frustrated. Here comes a solution for them i.e. supplements which covers a correct amount of herbal extracts to reduce blood pressure levels.

Here is a list of some foods that will help you to reduce your blood pressure levels significantly but if you consume them in a right amount;

Raw Garlic: Consume 3 raw garlic cloves daily but it results in bad smell, so it hinders your social life.

Tree nuts:  Raw almonds and cashews because of its contents very beneficial in lowering blood pressure but you need to consume them in the right amount. You can take their supplements also.

Celery: It has no side effects and you have to consume 5 pounds of it daily. You can take its supplement also.

English Hawthorn berries: You need to consume one cup of it daily and you can take supplement also.

Pomegranate: For sugar patients, consumption of its juice is harmful so you can take its supplement.

Tomatoes: Start consuming tomatoes in your salad and you can take its supplement also.

Grape Seeds: Very effective in lowering BP and you can take its supplement also.

Beetroots: Best to consume them as a juice or salad.(advt.)


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