IMA constitutes a Fact Finding Committee on Suicide of Payal Datri

Lady resident doctor alleged in her suicide note casteist bias and slur

New Delhi: As a cohesive effort to ascertain the social and hierarchical dimensions and the dynamics inside the medical profession, the Indian Medical Association (IMA), a national voluntary organization of Doctors of the modern scientific system of medicine, today constituted a fact finding mission committee to evaluate the background situation and the critical factors that led to the unfortunate suicide of an young lady Resident doctor Payal Tadvi in BYL Nair Hospital Mumbai.

It is a well known fact that Resident doctors especially in Government Hospitals carry an inhuman workload and suffer burn out and depression. Allegations of casteist bias and slur have surfaced in the index case.  This, if true is a matter of serious concern which has to be addressed. As a fraternity the medical profession is miles ahead in overcoming the barriers of caste, religion and politics. There is no discrimination on any ground within the fraternity or with the patients. However individual bias and behaviour can be at variance to this unwritten code of conduct. IMA does not condone any discriminatory behaviour.

The poor working conditions of doctors, in particular the Residents in Government hospitals, the abnormal overload of work they are expected to carry as a matter of routine and the ever present ridicule for deficiency of clinical skills cannot be pushed under the carpet either.

IMA fact finding team will study comprehensively the complex issue and is expected to submit its report to IMA National President in a week’s time.

The following are the members of IMA Fact finding team

  1. Dr Ashok Adhao, IMA Past National President, Nagpur
  2. Dr Ravi Wankhedkar,IMA Past National President, Dhule
  3. Dr Chandrakanth Mhaske, Dean GMC Nanded
  4. Dr Hozie Kapadia, IMA Maharashtra State President , Mumbai

Dr Suhas Pingle, IMA Maharashtra State Secretary


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