New Delhi: If yearning to remain as good as new or longing to revert to aesthetically hot days, stem cells therapy also called regenerative medicine is the new mantra of empowerment for Indian women. In the ensuing Amrit Kaal, thanks to stem cells, Aesthetic Gynaecology is all set to bring about new chapter of rejuvenation in the lives of women folks, thanks to stem cell therapy.

Aesthetic Gynaecology having got shot in the arm due to regenerative medicine, real intimate rejuvenation is round the corner. International Association of Stem cell & Regenerative Medicine (IASRM) is in the vanguard of making Aesthetic Gynaecology a new algorithm of empowerment for women.

Hands on practical training held recently under the aegis of IASRM for aesthetic and regenerative medicine gave a glimpse of what future holds for women’s intimate area rejuvenation. The training was conducted in collaboration with sunrise hospital and renowned doctors like Dr Poonam Mishra, Dr Nikita Trehan, Dr Nidhi Jha, Dr Sandeep Bhasin et al.

Aesthetic gynaecology/cosmetic gynaecology/ Functional gynaecology bringing paradigm shift in Women’s intimate health and empowerment. It’s time to explore unspoken problems of sexual & intimate health. Regenerative Aesthetic gynaecology is sub speciality bringing many advances in this field and IASRM (International Association of Stemcell & Regenerative Medicine) contributing significantly in this field globally by arranging various training programs for gynaecologists, dermatologists, physicians, surgeons, Plastic surgeons and urologist. IASRM is organising various awareness programs for Women’s total wellbeing program. It’s global platform to exchange and share knowledges.

In training program, doctors and scientists participated from across the globe through offline and online mode. It addressed indications like early menopause, genital rejuvenation, stress urinary incontinence, vaginisimus, lichen sclerosus , thin endometrium, premature ovarian failure , labiaplasty etc . Technologies discussed and demonstrated like Prp , stemcells , Carboxy , laser , radio frequency, botulinum toxins , threads , fillers Etc . Training have conducted in collaboration with sunrise hospital and renowned doctors like Dr Poonam Mishra, Dr Nikita Trehan, Dr Nidhi Jha, Dr Sandeep Bhasin and others.

Founder and President of IASRM Prabhu Chandra Mishra, said, ‘ The regenerative medicine sector is maturing rapidly — and more patients than ever stand to benefit. New therapies can provide unprecedented benefits to patients with severe disorders. Regenerative medicine is an exciting and multifaceted new development in the world of medical treatment. It promises novel therapeutic approaches to replace or re- store the original functions of tissues, functional systems or even entire organs. The field also includes stem- cell and gene therapies, tissue engineering and materials science. Indications range from wound healing and tis- sue transplantation to curing damaged organs and even entire diseases, such as cancers, genetic disorders and autoimmune diseases. Stem-cell and gene therapies represent a major revolution in medicine.’

Dr Ana Maria Mihai, Executive Member of IASRM also said , ‘Adding these advances like laser, RF, non / minimally invasive procedures like Prp , filler will bring various advances and helps in Women’s intimate health’

IASRM is continuously focused in advancing human health with regenerative medicine and arranging Master’s symposium in November 10-13, 2022 in Jim Corbett, India. It will be an nature retreat and scientific bonanza to young doctors, researchers, academia and for industry partners.