Indian Doctors corrected Loss of Vision due to Tumour, of a Nepali Patient

The tumour near optic nerve was meticulously removed in Indraprastha Apollo Hospital

New Delhi: Doctors at Indraprastha Apollo Hospital once again displayed exemplary skill and expertise in treating a patient from Nepal suffering from a very complex tumour adjoining optic nerve.

The tumour had resulted in loss of vision in the left eye and partial loss of vision in the right eye. Dr Sudheer Tyagi, Senior Consultant, Neurosurgery at Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals along with his team of senior surgeons from Indraprastha Apollo Hospital successfully performed the critical surgery for removal of the tumour& restoration of sight.

Shanu Aggarwal, 43-year-old female from Nepal, suffered loss of vision in both the eyes. She visited the eye specialist in Nepal where the doctor recommended her to visit a Neuro Surgeon. Shanu Aggarwal visited multiple hospitals in her country but her condition could not be diagnosed. Later, on suggestions by her friends, she consulted Dr.Sudheer Tyagi at Indraprastha Apollo Hospital.

Dr Sudheer Tyagi, Senior Consultant, Neurosurgery at Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals said, “Shanu was admitted in the hospital on 9th July, 2020. Observing her deteriorating condition, we recommended a few clinical tests for further evaluation. Based on her reports, she was diagnosed with a tumour around the crossroad of the optic nerves. The tumour was affecting the structure known as the “optic chiasm,” where the optic nerves from both the eyes merge together. The tumour was large in size as a result it was pushing the optic chiasm leading to visual loss in both eyes.”

“The case was very challenging as the tumour was located in a very critical location. Extreme precision and dexterity was required for removing the tumour so that none of the other important nerves and vessels which supplies blood to the brain are being damaged. Additionally, there was a high risk of loss of vision for the patient. We applied an innovative approach to lead the surgery and meet the challenges presented with such a complex case. As a result, we were able to remove the tumour completely under microscopic guidance without damaging other nerves around that particular area,”added Dr Tyagi.

After the successful surgery, Shanu Aggarwal said, “Before my visit to Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, I had lost all hope of living a normal life. This period has been stressful for me and my family both physically and emotionally. I am really grateful to Dr.Tyagi and his team for giving my life a new beginning.”

As the lockdown is being gradually lifted, routine as well as emergency surgical services are available as before. Such surgeries are complicated, highly demanding and need multidisciplinary team effort. The treatment is usually prolonged and done in multiple stages. The surgeries require clinical expertise and well-equipped operation theatre with advanced equipments, especially during the COVID pandemic.


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