Local Pharma Companies Find It Difficult To Create Sputnik’s Second Component

Mumbai : An Indian pharmaceutical company that has signed up for the Russian RDIF to produce Sputnik V is struggling to expand production of the second component of the Covid-19 vaccine and is currently struggling to save the situation with a single Sputnik. We are expecting Wright’s approval. Viswanath Pilla reports.

The top executives of a pharmaceutical company that has signed an agreement with the RDIF to produce and supply up to 200 million doses of Sputnik V say that existing technology makes it infeasible to produce a second dose on a large scale. I told ET.

“For example, if the yield of the first ingredient is 100 doses, then the second ingredient gives only 10 doses, which means that to produce 100 doses of the second ingredient, you need to allocate 10 times the manufacturing resources. This makes it economically infeasible, “said an executive.

Local pharmaceutical companies find it difficult to create Sputnik’s second component, Health News, ET Health World.


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