Maha FDA Making Its Own Portal To Monitor Drug Supply And Recall


Nashik : Food and Drug Administration to immediately stop the sale of spurious and subStandard drugs coming in the market. A portal is being created by the Food and Drug Administration. This portal will be used by all the drug manufacturers and Will be linked to the distributors, so the sale of fake and uncertified drugs will be banned.

Of a drug being declared spurious or substandard, procedures have been devised by the administration to stop its use and withdraw its stock from the market. In this process The remaining stock can be withdrawn from the market by stopping the use of the drug.

At present there is no geographical restriction on the sale of drugs manufactured by the manufacturer. A variety of medicines from manufacturers are available for sale in the state and inter-state markets. Such products are being sold in Maharashtra and other corners of the country.

When a patient suffers or dies from a drug, the drug should be immediately discontinued and withdrawn from the market. In this situation the administration has limitations to conduct effective operations in case of emergency due to available manpower and work area. If technology is used for this, it will be possible to plan well and bring relief to the patient and the public.

In the present system, after receiving the test reports of substandard drugs. There is a lack of effective communication across the chain, leading to significant time wastage in taking stocks off the market. Alternatively, stock of unsold medication does not come back within the time limit, which threatens to cause more casualties.

To avoid drug use and distribution, the system is required to provide information to manufacturers, super stockists, wholesalers, distributors, chemists. Software is needed for this, so that using this computer system, the use of fake unproven drugs or any drug can be detected immediately.

“Anil Parab had asked a question on Monday 20 th March regarding spurious and uncertified medicines in the state. We made a quick decision and if there is a need to recall or inquire about the stock of any drug, then from its manufacturer to the end consumer. It is important to have information about that so we have immediately decided to create a portal.” —Sanjay Rathod, Minister of Food and Drug Administration.


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