Medical Shops In The Name Of Dead Pharmacists, 32 Do Not Have Pharmacists


Jamshedpur : There have been many shocking revelations in the investigation of drug shops of the city. Medicine shops are also run in the name of deceased pharmacists. The investigation also revealed that there are 32 drug shops which are running without pharmacists.

After the complaint made by the Jharkhand Pharmacist Association, the drug department is investigating the drug shops. The association had said that 78 drug shops in the city do not have authorized pharmacists.

The name of a pharmacist named Rajesh is registered in Maa Jagdamba Medical located in Baridih, who passed away in January 2020. The name of pharmacist Aseem Bhattacharya is registered in the Sakchi Pharma medical shop, who passed away in July, 2021.

“On the orders of the department, the investigation of drug shops running in Jamshedpur without a pharmacist is going on. During the investigation, irregularities have also been found at many places and its report has been sent to the Deputy Drug Director. Some shops are still under investigation which will be completed soon. During the investigation, photographs and signs of the shops in which the pharmacists were present are being sent along with the report as evidence.” Archana Khalko, Drug Inspector


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