Mother’s Womb proves Impregnable Shield for Corona Virus

Pregnant COVID Woman gives birth to healthy corona negative baby at Indraprastha Apollo Hospital

New Delhi: 28 year old pregnant woman due for delivery, was tested positive for COVID 19 after compulsory preliminary tests, post which she was denied admission in a lot of hospitals, the lady was brought to Indraprastha Apollo Hospital in a critical condition.

At Indraprastha Apollo under the supervision of Dr Kiranabala Dash (Gynaecology) and Dr Ajay Sinha (Internal Medicine), the lady successfully gave birth to a baby girl in the 39thweek of her pregnancy. The child has tested negative for COVID 19.

Dr Ajay Sinha, Senior Consultant, Internal Medicine, said, “Pregnant women are at a high risk of contracting covid 19 as compared to any other adult.  Though not all have serious complications if affected by coronavirus and only experience mild to moderate flu-like symptoms,it is important that extra care and precautions are taken for treatment and management of pregnant women who are COVID positive, for the well-being of the mother and the unborn child. In this case, she was tested COVID positive after going through a compulsory COVID 19 test pertaining to the current situation, days before her due delivery date.  At Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals her condition was monitored, and only once her vitals were stabilized her delivery was done successfully.”

Dr Kiranabala Dash, Consultant, Gynaecology, said, “She was a COVID positive mother, hence we had to be extra cautious to ensure that no harm is caused to either the mother or the child. After gradually progressing into labour she delivered a healthy baby girl. During this entire procedure we ensured that infection control was practiced, and the teams were equipped in PPE kits. All measures were taken to ensure the child does not contract any virus.

Treating a COVID positive pregnant lady can be challenging as during labour her condition of respiratory distress can deteriorate within no time, her blood pressure fluctuate causing damage to other organs of the body. The Neo-natal team lead by Dr Atul at Apollo is extremely skilled for management of such a procedure; the teams were extremely well prepared and aware of the co-morbidities to tackle such a procedure where two lives are at stake.”

Post-delivery while the mother and the child have been kept under observation in isolation, both of them are doing well. Given the circumstances the family has not been able to meet either the patient or the baby, hence the nursing team has been taking care of them at Apollo.

While paying full attention to developments around the pandemic COVID-19 is very important, as healthcare experts it is crucial that all other kinds of health requirements are equally attended to, on time and with due diligence. Healthcare Delivery Institutions like Apollo Healthcare are fully committed to the fact that patient-centricity be followed even in difficult times like COVID 19.


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