NATHEALTH Summit to focus on Collaborations, Innovations & Investments

Two Days Annual Summit starting from November 29 in Delhi will focus on Digital Health

New Delhi: Indian Healthcare Industry is faced with many challenges. To take on those challenges, Apex Healthcare Industry body (NATHEALTH) will be organising a high-impact two days National Health Summit in New Delhi on November 28-29, 2019.

The double-burden of disease, shortage of medical professionals, lower investments, low penetration of health insurance, huge gap of service delivery in rural and urban areas, lack of quality and affordable medical care are the key challenges of the country. The Global Burden of Disease Report 2017 ranked India at 154 out of 195 countries in terms of accessibility to healthcare.

The NATHEALTH Summit would be focus on Digital Health, Investment, Skilling and Mainstreaming Innovation, to drive a stronger healthcare narrative and achieve impeccable delivery of a Modern Healthcare System “Made in India” for India. The summit will bring together the entire gamut of players, decision makers, Domain Experts and Academicians to reimagining collaboration to strengthen India’s healthcare growth trajectory.

“The Summit aims to herald a paradigm shift in the way the sector is perceived to grow. The trust barometer among the providers, payers, regulators and the end consumers in the healthcare ecosystem has spiralled down to new lows. The new Government can provide the much needed leverage to the existing schemes and programs and help create new dimensions of growth, infuse positive conversations, besides building a stronger narrative for healthcare in India,” said Dr Sudarshan Ballal, President, NATHEALTH.

“Today, we stand at crossroads of time which is ready for change. The path to achieve this holistic goal hinges on collaboration, where all the key industry stakeholders can come together, deliberate, cooperate and work in tandem to bridge the vital gaps in service delivery,” he added.

According to NATHEALTH, to facilitate private investment & participation on a sustainable basis in making Ayushman Bharat a big success, it is imperative to take actions to reduce cost of creating new infrastructure as well as running healthcare operations.

Strengthening the four pillars for Healthcare- Investments, Digital Health, Skill Development and Innovations-would be the main focus areas of Healthcare Federation of India-NATHEALTH’s Annual Summit. The Summit will be a two day conclave on Reimagining Collaboration to Strengthen India’s Healthcare Growth Trajectory and aims to drive a stronger and purpose-driven healthcare narrative for India. Union Health Minister, Dr. Harsh Vardhan has been invited to inaugurate Healthcare Federation of India (NATHEALTH) Annual Summit 2019.

The summit will open engagement gateways among academia, start-ups incubators, private industry and investors. The Conclave offers a unique platform conducive to meaningful dialogue that will pave the way for collaboration among various stakeholders. The Summit will provide a rare knowledge platform with inspiring keynotes, intense deliberations &participative panel discussions. It will further pave way for a stronger healthcare narrative and achieve impeccable delivery of a Modern Healthcare System which is ‘Made in India’,” said Dr Ballal. 

The Summit is expected to provide a platform for building ideas, sharing best practices, showcasing technological innovations around healthcare. Apart from sharing sectoral insights and success stories, we will also be organising an exhibition to showcase medical products and services. The Conclave will host five technical sessions.

On day 1, inaugural session would be followed by a session on ‘Digital Solutions: Driving Transformation in the Healthcare Industry to enable next wave of accessibility and affordability. The session would focus on Government & Industry tie-ups for driving transformation in healthcare services in India by leveraging technology.

The long-term outcomes would be greater engagement and dialogue at multiple levels to drive policy consensus, ensure enforcement of necessary mechanisms and guidelines to enable healthcare service delivery providers to operate within an established framework efficiently. An added goal of this summit will be to create a harmonized voice for the industry with inclusive participation and clear communications on key issues across industry federations


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