Now ShilajitOjas Gold on the stand to rev up manliness

Modicare Limited unveils aphrodisiac Shilajit blended with gold and 13other Ayurvedic Herbs

New Delhi: The urge for consistent youthful vitality is universal.  Modicare Limited, a direct selling company, has moved to tap into the timeless craving for manliness. The company has launched ShilajitOjasGold with a promise of improving power, strength and stamina. Well ShilajitOjas Gold is a completely natural proprietary ayurvedic medicine that helps with Power, Strength and Stamina in men, it has been claimed.

ShilajitOjas Gold will be hosted by Modicare’s Nutrition, Health & Wellness range ‘Well’ which already has 17 products. Shilajit is a potent aphrodisiac and adaptogen antioxidant which contains Kesar & Safed Muslithat work synergistically with several other proven Ayurvedic herbs, Shilajit and Gold that helps improve vigour, vitality and rejuvenate &restore body’s strength. Well ShilajitOjas Gold, just like other Well products, is produced with completely natural ingredients and will be available in a pack of 30 capsules at a price of INR 599 at most locations and will be available across all locations from 28th June.

Commenting on the launch, Samir Modi, Founder and Managing Director, Modicare Limited added, “We have been setting industry benchmarks with every product that we have introduced across categories. ‘Well’, our nutrition, health & wellness brand has products that are a blend of modern science and the innumerable gifts of nature. Our new product, Well ShilajitOjas Gold with all-natural ingredients helps men enhance their Power, Strength and Stamina.”

WELL nutritional products from Modicare are a blend of modern science and have the innumerable gifts of nature to provide you with the very best in nutritional supplements &Ayurvedic preparations. With an experience of over a decade the company uses best manufacturing facilities and breakthrough patented technology to extract ingredients for producing products of high quality and efficacy. Modicare’s ‘Well’ products provide a range of nutritional supplements -Multi-Vitamins & Minerals, Cardio-Vascular health, Detoxifying , Bone & joints health, Digestive health and many other general health conditions, which help you to maintain a healthy lifestyle as ‘good health is in your hands’.

WELL All Plant Protein Powder

Modicare’s Well all plant protein powder, priced at INR 936 (200g) and INR 2189 (500g) contains high protein content of more than 84% derived from plant sources. This 100% Veg. protein powder is cholesterol, lactose and fat free. Its 9 essential amino acids helps in body growth and proteins are important components for the muscles, tissues and blood.

WELL Noni Juice

Modicare’s Well Noni Juice, priced at INR 500, noni juice concentrate combined with the goodness of Kokum is a powerful, health-giving food formulated from nature for greater health, greater energy, vitality, body balancing and well-being. Noni is known to help revitalize cells & tissues, boosts Immunity, provides better vigour & vitality and increases mental & physical energy.It contains broad spectrum antioxidants that are known for fighting the effects of ageing and promotes healthy living.

WELL Korean Red Ginseng

Modicare’s Well Korean Red Ginseng, priced at INR 1936 is considered as a natural tonic that helps – enhance physical & mental performance, promote vigour & vitality, increase resistance to stress & aging. Well Korean Red Ginseng contains the richest variety of saponins called Ginsenosides. Ginsenosides are the active ingredients in Ginseng that helps improve stamina and endurance

Well Spirulina

Modicare’s Well Well Spirulina, priced at INR 412, is a wholesome green food that contains proteins, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. It is rich in phycocyanin, carotenoids and chlorophyll which are known to have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and immune boosting health benefits. It helps to fight against many infections and diseases to keep your body healthy.

Well Spirulina is Made from Organic Spirulina Powder in a pristine and pollution free environment thereby assuring highest product quality.


Modicare’s Well D-tox, priced at INR 535 contains herbs that help body’s natural detoxifying process. It’s potent Sci-vedic® herbal formula inspired from the ancient knowledge of Ayurveda and the best of science supports healthy liver and helps improve digestion. It helps in clearing up acne & blemishes and helps keep skin healthy & glowing.

WELL Strong and Smart

Modicare’s Well Strong and Smart, priced at INR 550 is a balanced nutritional drink mix that provides 37 vital nutrients (Proteins, Carbohydrates, Vitamins, Minerals, DHA, Colostrum, FOS etc.) to meet the essential nutritional requirements of your child. These nutrients help them in overall growth & development, strong immunity, energy & stamina and helps bridging the nutritional gap that may exist due to improper eating habits.

Well Multivitamin-Multimineral

Modicare’s Well Multivitamin-Multimineral tablets, priced at INR 410 provide the necessary nutrients that helps in bridging the nutritional gap. It provides 12 essential vitamins, 11 important minerals with additional benefits of phytonutrients and amino acids that are essential for the growth, maintenance and repair of the body.

Well Calcium Complex

Modicare’sWellCalciumComplex priced at INR 466 helps to maintain normal bone density and development. It not only contains Calcium but also other vital nutrients like Vitamin D, Magnesium, Vitamin K2-7 and Zinc that promotes bone health and gives body a strong foundation.

Being one of the leading direct selling companies in India, Modicare’s WELL products are designed to cater to a common Indian’s need of Nutrition, Health &Wellness and ranges from INR 300 to INR 2189.

The WELL range also offers other health & nutrition products including Well Protein Crest, , Well Flax Oil, Well Amrit Shakti, Well Cardio Activ,Well Pudina With Tulsi, Well Garlic Pearls, Well Glucosamine, Well Aloe vera Juice and Well Amla Juice.


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