NPPA should have powers to check patients are getting benefits or not with their price fixation policy

New Delhi : Being a citizen of India, I’m happy with the NPPA decision of price fixation on life-saving products. But I’m also looking for the techniques; how the government will ensure that patients can get these at the fixed prices set by the government. To curb huge profiteering in medical products, National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority fixed their prices on February 14 this year.

Most of the leading stent makers and hospital managements are finding ways to not to comply with the NPPA order as a businessman(Hospital management and manufacturers). Hospital management playing an important role to cut the patient’s pockets with their skilled profit making techniques.

A lot of investigations proved a number of cases where hospitals overcharged the amount for the essential medical products. What is the benefits of this until and unless NPPA has enforcement powers to check the rules are implemented or not by the manufacturers and hospitals?

According to one of the investigation report, they found eight private hospitals reused 1,306 catheters on more than 1,000 patients and charged them  77% of their retail prices in Maharashtra.

At the time of emergency, patients family have no time to check and verify the bills. At that educated and uneducated person at the same stage, just worrying about the patient’s’ health. Hospital management is well trained to run their business at bigger profits.

Patients or their relatives are unaware of these frauds and unethical practices of the hospital managements. Price control is the requirement of time to make health services affordable. The middle-class family is one of the great sufferers for any price changes. A Recent investigation in Maharashtra found that hospitals are charging very high for Catheters.They are used to clear obstructions a narrowed canal, duct or blood vessel. So Maharashtra FDA approached the Department of Pharmaceuticals to include catheters in National List of Essential Medicines.


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