Oncowlogy leaves cancer specialists aghast in India

Oncologists are terrorised by claim drinking of cow urine cured Breast Cancer

New Delhi/Bhopal: That consuming cow urine cured her breast cancer is a veritable ‘bomb’ for cancer specialists that Sadhwi Pragya Thakur detonated in broad daylight days ago. The impact is far and wide.

The ‘Oncowlogy’ dropped by Ms Thakur, a terror suspect and BJP candidate in Bhopal Lok Sabha constituency, left oncologists ( cancer specialists) fuming and aghast. Modern cancer specialists outright rubbished her claim, branding it bizarre and outright quackery. One scoffed at her saying going by her claim, the next Nobel for medicine should go to cow or Ms Thakur. But there is no dearth of healers who readily bought the claim.

Talking to Medicare News , Dr Sameer Kaul, Senior Cancer Surgeon at Indraprastha Apollo said he was aghast to hear this bizarre claim. Dr Kaul said, ‘Such medically unsubstantiated statement is uncalled for. It might mislead lakhs of cancer patients who are through the treatment. It is sheer hearsay and there is no scientific evidence of cure of cancer by cow urine so far. We seek evidence which is nonexistent ’

Talking to Medicare News Dr Sapna Nangia, a renowned Radiation Oncologist, said, ‘I have not come across as yet any scientific study that substantiates this claim. I neither approve nor rubbish the claim. Chemo medicines are derived from tree. There might be some anti cancer property in cow urine but that needs to be substantiated.’

Dr Dinesh Singh, radiation oncologist at Max Vaishali, said, ‘The claim has already been busted by doctors of Tata Memorial Hospital where they treated her. The claim is absurd. Thousands of cancer patients are being misled by such ill founded claims and they come back to us when cancer gets worse.’

But Dr R K Tuli, a renowned Holistic Medicine Practitioner, acupuncturist and a caner healer said, ‘The claim should not be scoffed at. The cow urine coupled with deep faith of Sadhwi might have done the magic. Immunity is the key in the treatment of cancer and mind regulates immunity. Cow urine has anti septic and immunity boosting properties.’

Claiming that he is successfully healing cancer patients by augmenting immunity at his Soham at New Friends Colony, Dr Tuli said, ‘Everyday millions of cancer cells are produced in the body and regularly washed out by immunity. In the absence of immunity, even radiation and chemotherapy do not work.’


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