OT Assistant Black Marketing Anti Rabies Injection In 5 States, Arrested By Haryana Police


Muzaffarpur : The anti-rabies immunoglobulin injection given after third degree bite was being black-marketed from the emergency of Muzaffarpur’s Sadar Hospital in 5 states. In the last 7 months, the OT Assistant of Emergency has sent about 3500 vials to the members of his racket spread in these states.

After the arrest of OT Assistant Nilesh Kumar by the Haryana Police, the intention was matched in the Central Store and District Store throughout the day on Tuesday. It was found that in July 2022, Nilesh had demanded 5000 vials of anti-rabies immunoglobulin injection from the district star.

5000 vial injections were also ordered from BMICL. In this, 3700 votes were given by the Central Star to the District Star in different months. Nilesh also picked up 3500 vials from the district store after informing about the arrival of third degree bite patients in large numbers. All these voils were sold to their racket spread in Odisha, Haryana, Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan.

Central Store Incharge Dr. Naveen Kumar said that 5000 vials were demanded, in which 3700 vials were given with indent. The 2300 Voile is available in the Central Store right now.

When the matter came to light, civil surgeon Dr. Umesh Chandra Sharma summoned the report from the Deputy Superintendent of Sadar Hospital, Dr. NK Chowdhary. Instructions have been given to report how many vials were consumed from the medicine store in a year and which patients were given.

It is said that the role of a computer operator and another worker in this racket is suspicious. He is also being investigated. The CS said that the mobile number of the patient who has been injected will be checked.

If a dog bites above the waist on the neck, face, stomach or any other part of the body, it is called a third degree bite. By the way, the condition of the patient has become very serious. Then he is given anti rabies immunoglobulin injection. The government procures one injection for Rs.4247.

The Haryana Police took the arrested Nilesh with them after taking transit remand from the court on Tuesday. He told the police that he used to send the injection through courier. Its money used to come into his friend’s account. He used to demand injection from the drug store by submitting the Aadhaar card of acquaintances. Used to do black marketing when 15 vials were deposited.


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