P.G.I.M.S. Rohtak in News Due to Wrong Reasons

Pawan Kumar Bansal, Gurugram


Pt.Bhagwatdyal Sharma Post Graduate Institute of Medical Sciences, Rohtak is in news but astonishingly mainly due to wrong reasons. Post of Director of the Institute is embroiled in controversy with a senior colleague filing Police case alleging criminal conspiracy to tarnish his career.

B.J.P. leaders used to allege that during ten years regime . Bhupinder Singh Hooda,appointed his favorites on key posts ignoring merit. But .Ever since B..J.P . Govt. in Haryana headed by Manohar Lal Kahataar took over, P.G.I ,Rohtak starting involving  into one after other controversy .Shockingly  firebrand health minister Anil Vij  has described the institute of Lavris during his visit to the institute  Lavaris means unclaimed .His comments has shocked every one as being the health minister of the state he was supposed to take remedial measures for improvement of services  by talking to all the stake holders including  the faculty members.

.After  installation of B.J.P. Govt. hectic lobbying was started by the prospective contenders for the top post of the institute . For this first the Director of the institute ,Dr.C.S Dhull appointed by previous Congress Govt. headed by Bhupinder Singh Hooda was asked to submit his resignation Dr. Rohtash Yadav, head of radiology department was appointed the director of the institute raising eyebrows among senior faulty members who talked about his junior ranking in hush hush tones .Dr. Yadav has just started streamlining the system but  major controversy erupted over the treatment of former Haryana Chief Minister Master Hukam Singh who was admitted in the institute for the treatment. He had to be shifted to Medanta hospital , Gurugram for the treatment  .His  family members alleged that he was not given proper treatment at the institute.Following pressure Health Minister, Anil Vij ordered high level  inquiry

in the issue.Nothing substantial could emerge from the  so called inquiry but  Govt. removed Dr. Rohtash Yadav from the post being the administrative head of the institute .After his removal again hectic lobbying started and Dr. Rakesh Gupta, head of the orthographic department was appointed as director of the institute.Enjoying the blessings of top B.J.P.  leaders, Dr. Rakesh Gupta started his innings with much fan fare.Although a large section of faulty of the institute has even not relished his appointment .But soon another major controversy erupted when Dr. Parveen Malhotra head  of   department lodged Police Complaint against Dr. Rakesh Gupta making serious allegations of criminal conspiracy to tarnish his image. Rohtak Police had to register a case in this regard following recommendations from Director General of the Police.Although disputes and cases between faculty members are a routine thing in the institute but it is first time that a senior faculty member had lodged police case against the head of the institute .

Due to reported differences between the  authorities of the institute and Pt. B,.D.Sharma university of Health Sciences  over jurisdiction of  sanctioning of tenders, prestigious project of opening world standard digital mortuary in the institute could not materialize  yet although the state govt. has sanctioned budget for the projects. Present mortuary is in a shabby condition .

There was again controversy over reappointment of a faculty member after his retirement . Students belonging to Indian National Lok Dal has  protested over the reappointment of the faculty member. Trauma Centre is yet to start. Institute also hit media headlines due to allegations of seeking sexual favours by a faculty member from a student involved in using unfair meas in exams. Representative of National Commission of Women had also visited the institute to inquire the case. Although a section of faculty members says that doctor is being framed in the case. Rotation system of PG. doctors has also become controversial .

P.G.I is the only institute in the state from where poor and common people who cannot afford treatment at costly private hospitals  get treatment .Govt. should give top priority  to improve its functioning .In close vicinity of the institute a  lot of private hospitals have mushroomed  and people are forced to get fleeced at this private hospitals. In the institute even sometimes serious patients does not get I.C.U without approach or they are referred to Delhi hospitals .Shockingly  , the present Govt. has also turned blind eyes towards the institute thus living the poor people at mercy of private hospitals The institute itself  needs remedial  treatment like the adage-o physician first heel thou self 

Don’t  treat P.G.I. at LAVARIS  Anil Vij sir


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