Pediatric Surgeon is the Best Option for Child’s Surgery

National Pediatric Surgery Day @ Sir Ganga Ram Hospital underlined the fact


New Delhi: When it comes to child’s surgery, there cannot be two opinions about the fact that pediatric surgeon is the best and safest for the job. This fact was underlined on the occasion of National Pediatric Surgery Day (December 29)organized at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital. Coming as it does from the hospital housing the best pediatric department in India, the statement becomes critical for parents to choose the right kind of surgeon for their children.

Today the Department of Pediatric Surgery at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, is celebrating “National Pediatric Surgery Day”. This event was held in the hospital Auditorium and inaugurated by Dr. Jayashree Sood, Secretary, Board of Management. It was attended by general public and the parents of children undergoing treatment at our hospital and all departmental staff members including Dr. Rajeev Kulshreshtha, Dr. Satish Aggarwal and Dr. Alpana Prasad.

An interactive session was organized to highlight the role played by Pediatric Surgeons in maintaining the health and wellness of children and to increase awareness about Pediatric Surgery in general amongst public and medical colleagues. Public and parents were informed that a Pediatric surgeon is the best and safest option for their child’s surgery. The safety of surgery and anesthesia even in newborn babies was stressed and excellent long-term outcomes of surgery in most of the surgically correctable congenital and acquired surgical conditions in children was highlighted. Information about availability of newborn health insurance was provided so that people can avail medical-insurance for congenital conditions too which has so far been denied by majority of health insurance providers.

It was on this day that the Indian Association of Pediatric Surgeons (IAPS) was formed in the year 1965 and hence to commemorate it, this public awareness program has been organized by department of Pediatric Surgery. We also take this opportunity to thank our patients and their families who have trusted the care of their children to us. Sir Ganga Ram Hospital takes pride in being one of the best Pediatric hospital in the country providing excellent, affordable and high quality surgical care to newborn babies, infants, children and adolescents, from birth to 18 years age.


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