Say “No” to branded prescription given by doctors

New Delhi : Without government involvement, new rules will just stay in the documents. Recently the Himachal health department has sent a warning letter to 50 doctors who have written branded medicines for patients. The government health officials have tightened its grip on the doctors, who are not following latest government rules.

The doctor gave unsatisfactory answers on prior notices sent by the department for not writing generic medicines on prescription.  In an Audit report sent by the Chief Medical Officer from the districts have been told that 30 of Kangra, eight of Kullu and 12 doctors of Solan have written the branded medicines instead of generics.

Government trying to provide affordable medicines to the patients and opened government medical stores to help them to get a proper cure for their diseases. But doctors prescribed them branded medicines and the plan of government not worked even after four to five years

Now, State government actively working to restrict doctors to prescribe generic medicines otherwise the government will take strong action on them for bypassing guidelines.

Doctors in the response making excuses like the medicines prescribed before not worked well, so they changed. Kaul Singh Thakur, Health Minister said we will keep tracking the doctor’s prescriptions and will take a strong step.



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