Upcoming Maha Kumbh of Digital Health is @ cutting edge

Digital India Health Summit & Innovation Awards all set to prove turning point

New Delhi/Mumbai: As Learned Machines are turning out way smarter than best of trained doctors, the big shift in healthcare is looming large.

Time to lament paucity of human doctors is passé. And die is cast for better healthcare everywhere in spite of them, thanks to Digital Solutions & Innovations. Dr Digital is primed to disrupt and dominate. As India is struggling to achieve Universal Health Coverage (UHC), digital health tools are going to be great catalyst as they are showing immense possibilities of transcending human inadequacies and frailties.    

At this critical juncture, welcome to the world of digital health to be unleashed in Mumbai on November 16 in Hotel the Lalit under the aegis of 4th Digital India Health Summit and Innovation Awards. Digital health leaders and big time stakeholders are swarming to integrate as a viable model. There is no gainsaying the fact that DIHSIA has been in the vanguard of creating digital health ecosystem in India.

This summit is happening post WHO launching Digital Health Guidelines and the launch of the Global Digital Health Index 2019. These launches are prelude to beginning of reinvention of healthcare in the whole world. Massive change in the way healthcare will be delivered is a fait accompli. This change will see an integration of technology across the continuum of care. Global thinkers and doers, and country’s top healthcare leaders, would congregate at summit and will be sharing their insights and vision on the integration of technology over various functions for the transformation of healthcare delivery.

Amitabh Sinha, CEO, Digital India Health Summit &Innovation Award talked at length to Medicare News on how healthcare in India is on the cusp of a complete transformation due to digital technology and its immense efficiency. Mr Sinha said this edition of DIHSIA will prove a cut above the previous ones as trinity of AI, ML and Big Data will for the first time constitute the high talking points. The talk will also focus on real life deployments besides the return on investments for digital health.

Amitabh Sinha has over 30 years of extensive experience across various functions in the Healthcare Industry. Since the last five years, Mr Amitabh has been heading Global Space Technologies Limited and has spearheaded development and launch of innovative digital health products and services in India. Amitabh heralds from domain expertise in Healthcare and Technology with an understanding of the geo-demography of India. His cross-functional profile displays practical expertise and a deep understanding of the transforming, healthcare industry in India.

Mr Amitabh greatly values and rightly so, the association with Prof. Rajendra Pratap Gupta who is Chairman of Digital India Health Summit and Innovation Awards. Prof. Rajendra Gupta has been a great votary of digital health tools due to its features of accessibility, affordability and better outcome and who wants healthcare freed from the monopolistic control of human doctors. A renowned health policy expert and a pioneer digital health thinker in India, Dr Gupta’s contribution to the promotion of digital health is huge.

Mr Amitabh said, ‘In this edition we are focusing on leaders who have implemented digital health and can help the healthcare and life sciences companies to deploy digital Health. We have for the first time, have done an internal research to find the global leaders driving digital health and, luckily, this time, we were able to get the topmost leader in global digital health, Prof. Rajendra Pratap Gupta to chair the summit and help shape the agenda. We are conducting a State of Healthcare Survey and we shall be releasing the report at this summit. Two global initiatives would also be launched to galvanise the transformation’.

Amitabh further said, ‘Our Chairman, Prof. Rajendra Pratap Gupta was clear that we cannot be just another summit where people come and just network. We have to use knowledge for action, and this is what this summit is all about. We are getting the global implements to share their knowledge for action. So, anyone attending the summit will have interactions, and knowledge sharing with leaders who are implementing solutions, and they will share the dos and don’ts for digital health deployments. Also, we will discuss key issues about digital health and how the field of AI and big data is going to impact healthcare besides the wearable age and how to engage with the tech savvy patient. As India moves towards universal health coverage, digital health will become a prerequisite. Without digital health, we will not be able to achieve the goals.’

Talking about Awards, Amitabh said, ‘The Jury has been selected based on their experience in planning and successful implementing digital strategy in their respective fields. This also should have positive impact on the healthcare services. The Nominations would be forwarded to the group of Jury, based on their area of expertise. The jury would give rating based on criteria. The rating of all the jury will be compiled and arrive at the average. In the entire process, the identity of the nominee is not disclosed.


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